Hungry Dawgs Seeking Revenge By: David Stec

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Georgia vs. Alabama. Clash of two Titans. Rematch of the 2018 College Football National Championship. One is out for revenge. The other is a machine just looking to claim its next victim.

On that January night of 2018, Georgia fans all across the nation would soon come to learn what heartbreak truly is. They went into that night with all the confidence in the world just after beating a very powerful, Baker Mayfield-led, Oklahoma squad. Freshman QB phenom Jake Fromm was leading the helm. But they knew they were in for a real test against SEC rival Alabama.

After a very stagnant first quarter, Georgia went into the locker room at halftime with a 13-0 (!!!) lead over the Tide. The Bulldogs thought they had it in the bag after Saban started the second half with True Freshman QB Tua Tagovailoa, who started the half with an interception. The second half would then become a Freshman QB vs. Freshman QB showdown as each was doing all they could to win for their team. Things would quickly take a turn for the worst for Georgia as they watched their lead slowly slip away with every amazing play made by Tua.

Fromm and his teammates were only able to match one touchdown in the second half, sending the game into overtime. Everything started well for the Bulldogs as they were able to put up a field goal and force Alabama to score a touchdown to win. Things looked fabulous for Georgia as they were able to get to Tua for a 16-yard sack to start their overtime drive. What happened next was one of the most devastating moments in the history of sports. On the very next play, Tagovailoa dropped back and delivered a beautiful pass to a surprisingly wide-open DeVonta Smith who was able to walk into the end zone untouched to complete a comeback that would break the hearts of millions.

Tonight, December 1st 2018, the Georgia Bulldogs will get a chance at redemption. In the same exact stadium they lost in 11 months prior. Everybody has been hoping for this matchup, especially the Dawgs and their fans. Down in the SEC, football means everything to them. This game could make their entire year.

If you think Jake Fromm has had this date circled, boy are you right. The second year QB, who went to high school just two hours south of the UofG, has stepped up his game to another level this season, waiting for this moment. The task at hand is no easy one, as this Alabama team is the most complete one that we’ve seen in recent years. Fromm and his Dawgs must walk into that stadium out for blood if they want to beat this Crimson Tide team.

Georgia fans have had to deal with the humiliation of blowing a 13-0 lead in the National Championship game for the last 11 months and are finally ready to take on this monster again. In order for Georgia to retain their SEC Championship Title, they will need to use their elite pass defense and try to contain Alabama’s offense because no one can put up big numbers on the Tide.

If anyone can beat this year’s Nick Saban football team, it’s this Georgia team. This does not mean they are the most talented (Clemson and Notre Dame have been unstoppable all year), but the meaning behind this game is why I think they have a legitimate chance to win this game. This game could not mean more to the Dawgs and their fans.

I am expecting a showdown tonight between two of the best teams, and quarterbacks, in the nation. Buckle up and get ready, because we are all in for a treat come 4:00.

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