The Semester Break To Do List By: Peter Snyder

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The best time of year. Finals are finally over, Christmas is right around the corner and millions of college kids across the country are set to embark on a month-long, stress free break. While this may be a busy, fun-filled vay cay for some, most of us will spend the majority of the break at home, wondering what to do to pass the time. Now if you are one of these people, you are not a loser don’t worry. This is perfectly normal. You deserve a break. I am simply here to provide an easy to do list that will help turn your semester vacation from a boring endeavor to a fascinating fiasco.  (PS. If you have a job this list still applies to you because the chances that you are working 24 hours a day are slim to none.)

To Do List

1. Find “The APP”


One of the best ways to past time when you are bored is to find an app that is suitable to your likes, and make it your new obsession. Whether it is a fun game that involves getting a talking rabbit across a stream safely, or a social media platform that allows you to talk to complete strangers all over the world, this can be a life changer. One minute you download this app thinking it is all in innocent fun, and the next you are up till 5 A.M. trying to pass level 51. I will warn you however, while this is a good strategy to pass the time, it can become extremely addicting and when it is time to return to school for spring semester, you may not be able to quit as these games are like electronic cigarettes. (I get E-Ciggs are an actual thing, just let the pun roll.)

2. Let Netflix become your new best friend


Let’s be honest, every college kid has a Netflix account. It is the modern-day equivalent to having a driver’s license. The amount of shows and movies that are currently streaming on Netflix, make it impossible for one to be bored during semester break. You like Sports? Netflix gotchu with over 100 sports movies. You like My Little Pony? Well first, you may need to get some help, but second Netflix has a documentary special about Bronies. (Bronie: A fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that is outside the target demographic of little girls. Most bronies are friendly teenagers and young adults who simply aren’t afraid to admit they enjoy a show which is innocent, colorful, and funny.) Hey man different strokes for different folks I guess. Anyway, the point is Netflix can provide you with hours of entertainment no matter what your interests may be. Binge your hearts out and the Spring semester will be here before you know it.

3. Learn a New Instrument


Now listen fellas, I’m a taken man so I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Chicks dig rock stars. Now I am not going to sit here and say that I am Sir Elton John, but I will say that I am known to fool around with some musical accoutrements here and there. This long semester break is the perfect chance for you to learn a musical instrument and return on campus as Rico Suave. You don’t have to become Jimi Hendrix in a month, but if you can return to campus and be able to carry a tune, people will be impressed. This is also a skill that can be used anywhere and can only help you down the road so it can’t hurt to at least try.

4. Become Bobby Flay


College kids love two things, food and booze. This break is a great opportunity for you to take one of those passions, and turn it into a hobby. Start simple. Make a little buttered pasta (or sauce) and then slowly incorporate maybe a meatball or 2 as your cooking skills progress. If you are feeling really crazy, after you begin to feel comfortable, you can try to start to make harder dishes such as chicken or even (Gasp) a burger. Cooking is fun. As kids we took advantage of it because our parents would handle it. But pretty soon we are going to be left to fend for ourselves in a dog eat dog world and if you do not know how to cook you are either going to starve or become broke. Also if you are known “As the guy who can cook,” you instantly become 10x more likable in a group setting.


5. Read


I already know what you are all thinking. “What the hell, this was funny, now this shit.” I know, I know. But, in my defense, this may be the most important task on the whole list. It is crucial that we all keep our minds sharp. Sure we can play video games all day, and stuff our faces with chips. But come spring time when we are failing all our classes, we will be wishing we took this advice. One book. A real book, not some picture book shit. I am talking about a real, good ole fashion novel. It can be about anything, but make it a priority. This will keep you fine tuned in the cranium department and make you feel more confident going into spring semester.

If you do these 5 tasks, I guarantee your semester break will fly by faster than a Aroldis Chapman fastball. If you want to thank me for these phenomenal advice, my Venmo is @Peter-Snyder-11. Thank you and have a great rest of your semester break!

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