Meet the New Mayor of Swag Town By: Peter Snyder

Ken “The Hawk Harrelson.” A 77-year-old, retired MLB All-Star/legendary broadcaster is ready to take on his newest role as the mayor of swag town. This weekend, at Sox Fest (An annual event put on by the Chicago White Sox,) Harrelson decided to wear one of the most stylish outfits a man has ever seen. If Hawk did not already have enough swag with his signature “You can put it on the boaaaaaaaard YES,” home run call, he sure as hell does now.

I mean, let’s first start with the jacket. The balls it takes to go out in public as a 77-year-old, retried man and wear an all white, Adidas track jacket is absolutely mind-blowing. Harrelson not only takes the risk, but he effing owns the look. Hawk then compliments the white jacket with a white undershirt that makes you wonder if he is the worlds  biggest Game Of Thrones fan. As we make our way down to the bottom portion of the fit, you can venture across Harrelson supporting some flashy jewelry or “Ice” as the cool kids like to say. One can presume that this piece of jewelry is a 2005, White Sox World Series ring, as that was the team he spent his entire 34 year broadcasting career with. Now, let’s talk about the pants. THE MOTHER EFFING PANTS. Hawk takes a swing here, wearing white and black pants to compliment the jacket, making this a full on jumpsuit. And may I say, the ball has yet to land. If you haven’t guessed yet, Harrelson finishes his “Woutfit” off by rocking some clean, white boat shoes to signify that he is ready to join the retired life.

To conclude, I just want to say, I’m happy for ya Ken. You have enjoyed an illustrious 9 years in the majors, an outstanding 34 years as a broadcaster and it is now time to sit back and relax as the mayor of swag town. Never change Hawk, never change.

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