Warm Up on this Freezing Tuesday with JT Realmuto Taking Big Daddy Hacks By: Peter Snyder

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Instead of regular snow today, mother nature has decided to bring a mix of hail, sleet and snow, causing for a truly miserable experience in the northeast. Instead of complaining however, I thought it would be nice to shed some light on some things that are taking place across the world. For starters, pitchers and catchers have reported which means the greatest sport on earth is officially back. It also means that Phillies fans get their first glimpse of newly acquired superstar, JT Realmuto. As a Phillies fan myself, it is almost sureal seeing JT rock the Phillies red as this was a guy I have constantly PRAISED over the last couple of seasons. It is like when you are a little kid and you always look at that one piece of candy at the candy shop, but you never get it because it is too expensive or too unhealthy. Guess what, we got that piece of candy and are gonna gobble it the hell up.

The Phillies’ first official workouts don’t start until later this week, but multiple players have already shown up in Clearwater and are ready to get to work.  Looking at multiple videos and reading different reports around the facilities, it just feels that there is a different hunger coming into this season. Yes, we improved by acquiring impact players in the likes of Jean Segura, Andrew McCutchen, JT Realmuto and David Robertson and yes, we are one key signing (wink wink) away from being the favorites in the NL, but this year just feels different. These men know there is a job to be done and they are absolutely starving to get after it.

You may be wondering right about now, what the hell is the point of this blog? To be completely honest with you guys, I am not completely sure. Baseball is my passion. I like to play baseball, I like to talk baseball and I like to watch baseball. Rinse, wash and repeat. That being said, when baseball gets taken away from me during the cold months of the winter, I get very, very sad. It is as if I go into hibernation mode. So as we sit here on this winter eve, I express to you the excitement that I have now that baseball is officially back.

I am currently in the process of training for a 162 game season with the Phils. Relax, I am not on the team. But if you think for a second, these hands won’t get sore after writing Phillies blogs this summer or these eyes won’t get strained from clocking innings on end, you would be surely mistaken. I think you could make the argument that baseball fans, need a spring training for themselves as much as the players do. We as fans, need to emotionally prepare for 162. Strengthen our hearts and embrace for a potential walk off slam as midnight strikes. We need to stretch our legs for future 7th innings and perfect our handwriting for the score books. Does all this make me crazy? Maybe, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. God bless baseball, god bless the Phillies and God bless the fans that watch it, this one’s for you.

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