You are my Driver, Not my Friend By: Peter Snyder

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Tell me if you have ever been in this situation before. You get in your Uber expecting a peaceful, relaxing ride and are instead, greeted by a driver who talks more than your mother in law at Thanksgiving dinner. While you don’t want to be rude, you have work to do, and this chitchat is the last thing you need during your ride. Now, I know what you are thinking. YES, this happens all the freaking time. Well don’t you worry because starting Tuesday, you will have an option to select what type of interaction you want to experience with you future Uber drivers. Uber recently has announced that they are going to launch a new preference in the their app that will allow consumers to select what type of conversation they would like to have during their Uber ride. The preferences that will be available for selection go as followed; quiet preferred or happy to chat. The third and final option within this feature, will be to leave the preference alone, indicating to your driver that you do not care either way. With this being said, this preference will not be available to all Uber costumers, at least not right away. Starting Tuesday, the only people who will be able to use this preference in the app, will be costumers who order an Uber Black or an Uber Black SUV (Luxury Models.) Uber continues to test new methods in the attempt to fill their costumers greatest needs and they feel that this idea, will be a smashing success.

While this new idea may sound all hunky dory, I am going to tell you exactly what is wrong with it. For starters, anyone who selects the quiet preferred option in the app, is a ginormous ass hole. Imagine being an Uber driver and getting a notification on your phone that states that your next passenger wants to be left the eff alone and wants nothing to do with you in the slightest. Here’s a bright idea. Sack up and tell your driver “Look, I would love to talk, but I am super caught up with work and need to focus if you don’t mind.” By putting this feature in the app, Uber is taking away any possible form of human interaction between the driver and passenger and in many ways, is making the trip more awkward than it already was. Also, why the hell is there no middle option to choose. What if I want to have a conversation, but don’t want to tell my life story to a person I just met. I see where Uber is coming from with this idea, I do. But they just missed. Drivers are almost being put in a robotic state and this makes you think, what is next? Will passengers be able to select what music they want to listen to before they even step foot inside the vehicle? Will they be able to ask for a certain smell in the car or ask for a certain outfit to be worn by the driver? When will the human disconnect stop? When Uber was first created, the main intention within the company was to get passengers from point A to point B as safely as possible. But now, it seems as if they are trying to cross the other 24 points along the way.

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