Bye Bye, Odubel Herrera By: Peter Snyder

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Phillies outfielder Odubel Herrera has been arrested on a domestic assault allegation in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The 27-year-old former All-Star was arrested around 8:30 p.m. Monday at the Golden Nugget Casino and charged with simple assault, Atlantic City police said.

Police found the 20-year-old victim speaking to hotel security. She had “visible signs of injury to her arms and neck” that were caused by Herrera during a dispute, police said.

The woman refused medical treatment, investigators said. Herrera was arrested in his hotel room without incident, police said. 

He faces swift discipline under Major League Baseball’s domestic abuse policy. If/when he is suspended, he would be placed on the restricted list. (NBC SPORTS Philadelphia) 


If I told you this news surprised me, I would be lying. Mr. 10 cent head has struck again, but this time, it is his final straw. The Philadelphia Phillies have to release Odubel Herrera. They have no other choice. Domestic violence can not be tolerated in sports and should not be tolerated in our society. I don’t care if you are Mickey freaking Mantle, if you lay your hands on a woman, you have no place in professional sports, and deserve to face the consequences that will follow. Odubel Herrera had, and emphasis on the word had, the potential to be a good Philadelphia Phillie. When he was locked in, he was an extra base hitting machine. But those days are over. Herrera does not deserve to wear the red pinstripes ever again. He does not deserve to play a kids game, and get paid millions of dollars for it. Part of being a professional athlete is that you must respect the game you are playing both on and off the field. You have to present yourself as an athlete, in an honorable manner. Herrera has failed to do that. So for that, I bid you a farewell  Odubel. We will not miss you. I hope you learn your lesson and I hope the woman you hurt (allegedly) finds a safe space because that safe space was obviously not with you. Take care, el torrito.


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