2019 College World Series Preview By: Peter Snyder

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Every June, thousands of passionate college baseball fans make their way down to Omaha, Nebraska to experience one of the most competitive tournaments in college sports. With these fans, comes eight hopeful teams with the same common goal of bringing home a National Championship come tournament’s end. These teams have gone through leaps and bounds to get to Omaha, have traveled through regions far and wide, but the blood, sweat and tears have all been worth it as this is the moment they have been waiting for their entire lives. Throughout this article, I will be previewing all eight teams who are set to compete in this year’s College World Series. Included in this, will be a breakdown of each team’s journey, which will show how they ended up in Omaha. I will then conclude the piece by predicting a championship series as well as predicting your 2019 National Champion. With that being said, I would like to kick things off by talking about a team who was first to punch their tickets to Omaha and are a team I think can do some serious damage in the days to come.



The Louisville Cardinals finished their 2019 regular season on an extremely high note. They won the ACC regular season championship and were headed into postseason play clicking on all cylinders. However, this momentum was quickly burned out in the ACC tournament, as the Cardinals were eliminated in just two games of play. All was not lost though, as Louisville’s impressive regular season résumé earned them a top 10 national seed in the 2019 NCAA Tournament. This meaning, that if all went according to plan, the Cardinals would be set to host both regional, and super regional play. The Cardinals first order of business was to win their regional, which they were expected to do. In their regional, the Cardinals played host to Illinois Chicago, Indiana, and Illinois State. The Cardinals first game of the region came against Illinois Chicago, who were rumored to be very hot. This was not apparent though as the Cardinals dominated the game, winning by a score of 5-3. Louisville then went on to face Illinois State, who little did we know, would become a thorn in the Cardinals side.  The Redbirds not only went to Louisville to play some baseball, they came to win. From the first pitch, Illinois State was just better in every sense of the word. Before the upset alert notification could be sent across the country, Illinois State had shocked the Cardinals by a score of 4-2. Louisville was now just one game away from elimination and would have to dig their way out of a huge hole in order to win the region. After winning their next two games by a combined score of 20-9, Louisville set themselves up with a winner take all matchup against the team who beat them just a couple of days ago.

As the regional final began, Louisville knew they needed to make an early statement. In the bottom of the first, Cardinal outfielder, Jake Snider, legged out an RBI single to give his team a 1-0 advantage. After a dominant pitching performance by a plethora of Cardinal arms, Louisville found themselves just three outs away from advancing to the super regionals. As the Redbirds trailed by 2 in the top of the 9th, it had seemed as if hope was beginning to run out for the cinderella from the south side. But the Red Birds refused to quit. Thanks to a couple of gritty at-bats by the middle of the lineup, Illinois State managed to shock all in attendance and tie the game up at three. In the bottom of the 9th, Cardinal third basemen Alex Binelas poked one into CF, giving his team a 4-3 win, and advancing the Cardinals to the Super Regionals. It was not ideal, it was not easy, but step one had been accomplished, and the boys could start to smell the Omaha grass.

In the Super Regionals, the Cardinals played host to East Carolina, a team that were known to kill you with offense and rock you to sleep with good pitching. For Louisville to be successful, they were going to have to not only slug with the Pirates but pitch with them as well. The story of game one of the super regional was all about the big inning. After three scoreless frames by both sides, Louisville exploded for 4 runs in the 4th inning, 5 runs in the 5th, 3 in the 6th, and 2 in the 7th. In a blink of an eye, the score had gone from 0-0 to 14-1, giving the Cardinals a commanding game one victory. They were now just one win away from Omaha and could almost taste the mediocre food that they were going to be served in Nebraska. Game 2 of the supers was much of the same, as the Cardinals put their foot on the Pirates’ throat from the jump, and never let off the gas once. Thanks to a thunderous start, Louisville won game 2 by the score of 12-0 and were on their way to the College World Series.

Honestly, if I’m Louisville, I am going into Omaha this week feeling great. Sure, the regionals weren’t as pretty as they might have expected, but the Cardinals outscored the 10th team in the country by a score of 26-1 and are swinging the bats better than anyone in the country. Honestly, I am a big fan of this Louisville team. I really like their starting rotation, I think their offense is capable of scary things and feel that they could possibly be playing in the championship series. The one player you want to watch with this team is Jake Snider. He has a great bat, has an above-average glove, and is the bread and butter of this team. L’s up for the Cards and I can’t wait to see what they bring once the lights start to shine just a little bit brighter.




It feels as if the Vanderbilt Commodores find themselves in a position to win national championships, every single year. Vandy came into this year’s national tournament as the number 2 national seed, only behind the UCLA Bruins. With a stacked offense and a lethal rotation, it was almost inevitable that the Commodores would be making another trip to Omaha. We could sit here and chat a lot about Vandy’s regional, but that would be a waste of time, as the Commodores outscored their opponents by a score of 28-8 and essentially sleepwalked their way to the supers. However, the super regionals would be a different story. Standing in the way of Vanderbilt and another trip to Omaha would be the Duke Blue Devils, a team that had not made the CWS since 1961. Although inexperienced, the Blue Devils came into Nashville with a boatload of confidence, as they were fresh off an upset regional win in Morgantown.

As game one began, it became clear that Duke was better than any opponent Vanderbilt had faced during regional play and this would be no easy walk in the park. After a rocky start from their Friday night starter, Drake Fellows, the Commodores quickly found themselves down 6-2. The closest Vanderbilt got to winning game one was when catcher Phillip Clarke homered in the 5th, to trim the lead down to 3. However, Duke would go on to explode for a 10 run, 8th inning, leading to a shocking 18-5 win. What once seemed like a sure thought, had suddenly turned into a question and Vanderbilt found themselves just one bad performance away from being sent packing for the summer. It was going to take someone or something special to keep the season alive.

Taking the mound for the Commodores during their first elimination game of the postseason, was freshman sensation, Kumar Rocker. Rocker, a 19-year-old from Alabama, has been rumored to be the next big thing. I am going to be honest, I have only heard things here and there about Rocker, so I was excited to see him in action under the bright lights. As I sat down to watch his start, one thing became very apparent. This kid was special, and it is important that we remember this young man’s name. Rocker was pumping 96 on the black and threw a slider that slid more than a kid going down a slip n’ slide. Batter after batter would step into the box, and every single time they would go back to the dugout with their bat on their shoulder. Before I knew it, Rocker had made his way into the 9th inning and had yet to give up a single hit. He had also struck out 16 batters and was on his way, to finishing one of the most dominant collegiate performances, in the history of college athletics. As the first batter stepped to the plate, Rocker knew he had it in the bag. Bing, bang, boom, sit down. Next better, see ya later! Rocker then went on to retire the final batter of the game in you guessed it, strike out fashion. He completed the no-hitter with 19 strikeouts to his name and finished one of the most dominant pitching displays I have ever seen. More importantly, he kept his team alive and set up a winner take all game three Sunday afternoon.

As if you already didn’t see this coming, Vanderbilt dominated the Blue Devils in game three of the Super Regional. They jumped out to an early 6-0 lead and did not look back. The Commodores went on to win the game 13-2 and were heading back to the College World Series. You just knew that after the performance that Rocker had on Saturday night, there was no way they were going to lose this series. Now as far as how I think this team will perform in Omaha? Well, I think they have to be the favorites going in. They will have the best pitcher in the tournament in Kumar Rocker and JJ Bleday is a top 3 bat in the country. If all shapes into form and if this Commodore team plays their brand of baseball, I think there is a good possibility that they could come away with their first National Championship since 2014.

Texas Tech


For the second straight season, the Red Raiders are heading to Omaha! Listen, I am a big fan of this Red Raider team, but I am an even bigger fan of the resilience they showed during their road to the CWS. See, Texas Tech isn’t a team that’s gonna blow you away on paper. They don’t have multiple first-round picks like Vanderbilt or a deep rotation like Louisville. But they have grit, and never go down without a fight.

The Red Raiders finished their regular season with 40+ wins to their name and earned the right to host regional and super regional play in Lubbock, Texas. As regional play began, Texas Tech knew that the only team that could beat them that weekend were themselves. It was clear that they were the most talented team in the region by a wide margin, and this showed, as TTU went on to outscore its opponents by a score of 17-4 in route to a region win. In the Super regionals, Texas Tech would play host to a conference foe who they were oftly familiar with; the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Oklahoma State came into Lubbock as the 9th national seed and were swinging bats that were hotter than the sun. Little did we know it at the time, but this super regional would turn into a battle of heart and attrition and was a battle that will be remembered forever.

As game one commenced in Lubbock, it was clear that this matchup was going to be a dog fight. These teams knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses and were not going to give up a single inch. As both teams exchanged blows, it seemed as if this one was sure to be an instant classic. The Red Raiders would hit a homer and the Cowboys would respond with one of their own. It was very much a game of “anything you can do, I can do better,” and fans were loving every second of it. The difference in game one came in the bottom of the 8th, when Red Raider second basemen, Brian Klein hit a sacrifice fly, giving his team a two-run cushion, which ultimately led to an 8-6, game one win. Texas Tech now found themselves just one game away from Omaha, but if Oklahoma State had anything to do with it, this accomplishment would be anything but easy.

The story of game 2, was much like the first, with it being an absolute fight to the death. Fast forward to the top of the 7th inning and this time, Oklahoma State found themselves with a 3-2 lead and were just 9 outs away from forcing a winner take all game 3 in Lubbock. The Cowboy momentum would quickly dissipate, however, as Red Raider third basemen, Dru Baker sent a ball into the Lubbock sky, tying the game up at 3 runs apiece. The Red Raiders would then add on another run in the 8th and suddenly, Raider Nation could smell a trip to Omaha. In true warrior fashion, Oklahoma State answered in their half of the 8th, taking the lead with a two-run home run by DH Colon Simpson. The game had quickly turned into a seesaw battle and it appeared as if the team with the last AB’s, were going to win this contest. In the top of the 9th, Red Raider second basemen, Brian Klein came through in the clutch again, delivering a game-tying sacrifice fly. Unfortunately for the Red Raiders, their bullpen could not hold the Cowboys at bay, and Oklahoma State walked off on a wild pitch. We were headed to the equivalent of a game 7 in professional sports and if the first two games were any indication of what game 3 was going to be like, fans were sure going to be in for a special treat.

The story of game 3, was all about the long ball. With the wind blowing out, balls were flying out left and right in Lubbock and keeping the ball in the park seemed nearly impossible. After 7 innings, the Red Raiders and the Cowboys headed to the 8th inning squared up at 4 runs apiece. A two-inning ballgame would determine which team would be heading to Omaha, and which would be sent packing. Not wanting to go home just yet, the Cowboys bats came alive in the 8th. Cowboy catcher Colin Simpson lead things off with a deep home run to right-center field, giving his boys a one-run lead. After another sacrifice fly, the Cowboys find themselves leading 6-4, and were just 6 outs away from punching their ticket to the CWS. With this being said, if you watched even a second of this series, you would know that this game was anything but being over. Texas Tech started its half of the 8th off with a solo home run by Josh Jung to trim the score down to one. Then, with two men on and one out, Kurt Wilson sent a ball into the air that seemed like a routine fly out. But, because the wind was blowing out, the ball managed to find it’s way over the fence, giving Texas Tech an 8-6 lead and sending Lubbock into a state of complete euphoria. The Red Raiders would go on to shut things down in the 9th and punch their ticket to Omaha. This super regional will go down as one of the best ever and Oklahoma State should hang their heads high, as they fought until the very last pitch.

If I am going to be completely honest here, I do not think Texas Tech will perform well in Omaha. Although they do have third basemen, Josh Jung who was selected 8th in the 2019 MLB Amateur Draft, their arms are weaker than an old, beat down car. They have a starting rotation that gives up a lot of runs and a bullpen that can not find the strike zone for the life of them. I feel that if the Red Raiders are going to have any success this week, they are going to have to out-slug teams at a tremendous rate, and I just do not see that happening.



It’s now time to talk about our Cinderella of this year’s CWS, the Michigan Wolverines. Unlike others in this year’s field, Michigan didn’t have the luxury of hosting a super regional or even playing their regional in Ann Arbor. They weren’t given a national seed and have had to become road dogs for upwards of a month now. But they are here never the less and are ready to make some serious noise.

Michigan’s improbable road to Omaha began in Corvallis, where they participated in a regional hosted by last year’s national champs, Oregon State. The Beavers were a wildly talented baseball team who were already penciled into the supers before the regional even began. However, in a shocking turn of events, Oregon State lost its first two games of the regional and was quickly eliminated from postseason play. Michigan was now presented with a huge opportunity to come out of Corvallis with an upset win. In their first game, the Michigan Wolverines were matched up against the Creighton Blue Jays, a red hot team from the Big East who also smelled upset blood in the water. Thanks to a dominating pitching performance by righty Karl Kauffmann, the Wolverines took game one of the regional by a score of 6-0. Michigan would then go on to face the Cincinnati Bearcats, who were fresh off an upset win against Oregon State. Michigan, like they had done all week, cooled hot teams off and beat Cincinnati by a score of 10-4. The Wolverines were now just one win away from shocking the world and advancing to their first super regional since 2007. After dropping a game to Creighton, Michigan found themselves in a win or go home scenario where they would have to face the Blue Jays for the third time in a matter of days. It has yet to be determined what the boys from Ann Arbor were eating for breakfast in Corvallis, but whatever it was, worked, as the boys in blue were tearing the cover off the baseball, winning the regional final by a score of 17-6. Michigan was headed to the Super Regionals where they would face the number one team in the nation and in many people’s eyes, this would be where their Cinderella story came to an end.

As Michigan arrived in LA to face the UCLA Bruins, they knew they had a daunting task in front of them. UCLA was the number one team in the country, had not lost a weekend series all year, and looked seemingly untouchable. Michigan would not be scared, however, as they had no other choice. The story of game one was all about the pitching. Michigan starter, Karl Kauffmann, who had been tearing it up all tournament long, put on an absolute showcase, hurling 8 innings of scoreless ball, before eventually giving up two runs in the 9th. Despite a late rally by the Bruins, Michigan was able to secure a 3-2 game one win. The feel-good story of the summer was now just one win away from pulling off the unthinkable. With this being said, Michigan knew it would take a king like performance to knock UCLA out as they do not give the number one national seed out to just anybody.

What transpired in game 2, can only be described as an instant classic. You could see how bad both teams wanted this and the emotion that spewed over was a thing of pure bliss. After a 9 inning cage fight, the two clubs were headed to extras knotted up at 4 runs apiece. After great performances by both bullpens along with a couple of dazzling defensive efforts, we were headed to the 12th, still in a stalemate. In the top of the 12th, pinch hitter Kevin Kendall ripped a double to right-center field to break the tie and give his team a 5-4 lead. The Bruins would go on to shut the door in the bottom half of the inning and force a winner take all, game three on Sunday night. Could you ask for anything better?

As game 3 began, the tension in the air could have been cut with a knife. With the pressure being so high, both teams knew that the simplest mistake could send them home packing. The difference in the game came in the top of the 5th when Wolverine second basemen, Ako Thomas splashed a two-run single up the middle to give his team a 3-2 lead. After a great pitching display by the Michigan bullpen and insurance run by catcher Joe Donovan in the 9th, the boys in blue were headed to Omaha and had won game three by a score of 4-2. Michigan now heads to the CWS as underdogs once again but if we know anything about this Wolverine team, they will take this roll and absolutely run with it.

If you guys are looking for a bandwagon to jump onto during this year’s CWS, I think I have found the team for you. Michigan is just a fun ball club that is very easy to root for. Everyone loves a good underdog story and this Wolverine team is just that. Michigan hasn’t made the CWS since 1984 and hasn’t won a National Championship since 1962. If they were able to run the table and win this thing, it would go down as one of the best underdog stories in sports history.



The second and final cinderella story in this years CWS comes in the likes of the Auburn Tigers. Much like Michigan, Auburn has been on the road since May and has had to scratch and claw their way through their journey to Omaha. This trip to the CWS is unexpected for most, as people felt that Auburn would have a down year post “The Casey Mize Era” but thanks to an offense that refuses to shut up, Auburn has told the doubters to stick a fork in it and are rolling like melted butter on Lobster.

Auburn’s road to Omaha began in Atlanta, where they were faced with the daunting task of taking down talented teams such as Coastal Carolina and Georgia Tech. During their first game, the Tigers were matched up against the Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina. Auburn quickly showed that they were here to win, and dominated the game by a score of 16-7. It was then on to face the host of the regional, Georgia Tech, who was given the third national seed in the tournament. Instead of being intimidated, however, Auburn embraced the underdog role and shocked the Yellow Jackets by a score of 6-5. After Georgia Tech battled to win another game, Auburn would meet the Yellow Jackets in a rematch, this time, with the chance to send them packing. After a brilliant pitching performance by Tiger starter Bailey Horn, Auburn was on their way to the super regionals after beating Georgia Tech 4-1. Nobody believed that the Tigers could get out of Atlanta still standing, but they had, and their roar was just getting started.

In the Super Regionals, Auburn would make the trip to Chapel Hill, where they would face the 14th ranked North Carolina Tar Heels. North Carolina was coming fresh off a regional win in which they looked more dominant than Connor McGregor in his prime. As game one began, it was clear that Auburn had brought the hot bat from Atlanta with them to Chapel Hill. After falling behind early, the Tigers exploded for 5 runs in the eighth and 4 runs in the 9th, en route to an 11-7, game one win. A confident, cocky North Carolina bunch had been stunned and had to quickly turn around in a day, or their season would come to an abrupt halt.

In game 2, North Carolina showed why they are ranked #14 in the nation. They played extremely sound defense and thanks to a masterful, duo performance by Pitchers Austin Bergner and Austin Love, the Tar Heels had forced a winner take all game 3, winning game 2 by a score of 2-0. The Auburn Tigers would now have to play in their first elimination game this postseason, so it was going to be interested to see how they would handle this pressure.

Some stories seem too good to be true. Think about it. Auburn lost one of their best pitchers in school history last year. They lost 26 games during the regular season and had no business going to Omaha. But here they were, just one win away. The Tigers knew that if they were going to win game 3, they would have to make a statement early. With this being said, the Tigers scored not one, not two, but THIRTEEN runs in the top of the first inning. Are you serious? During this top half of the first, the Tigers amounted for 9 hits and sent 18 men to the plate. The Tigers now had to protect a massive 13 run lead, in order to punch their ticket to Omaha. Although Carolina made some noise in the middle innings of the game, it was not enough to catch up and the Auburn Tigers won game 3 by the score of 14-7. They are now heading to Omaha for the first time since 1997 and are looking to bring back the first national championship in program history.

I like Auburn, a lot. I think they have good enough arms to compete and think they have the second-best offense in this tournament. I feel that if the Tigers bats can stay as hot as they have in both regional and super regional play, you could be seeing this team make a deep, DEEP run over the next few weeks.



Last season, the Arkansas Razorbacks were just one out away from winning the National Championship. A fly ball was hit into foul territory, that seemed playable. After a misplay, Oregon State was granted a new life. The Beavers ended up coming back to not only win the game to force a winner take all game 3 but winning the natty. I can guarantee you that anybody associated with Arkansas baseball in the slightest, will remember that fly ball until the day they die. Arkansas has had to live with this now for almost calendar year, but they are back in Omaha, ready to finish what they started a year ago.

Arkansas path to redemption started in Fayetteville, where the Razorbacks played host to their own regional. The Regional seemed to be no real test for the razorbacks as they outscored their opponents 20-6 en route to a dominant regional win. But Arkansas knew they were the best team in the regional. They knew that if they played their brand of baseball, the competition would not be able to touch them. However, the next opponent to roll into Fayetteville had enough talent to hang with any team in the entire country.

Arkansas welcomed in the Ole Miss Rebels for super regional play. Ole Miss, an SEC foe, was a team that could swing the bats like no other. In their regional, the rebels had scored 41 runs in three games and allowed opponents to just 7 runs. This was one of, if not the, sexiest super regionals of the weekend and fireworks were almost sure to follow. As game one began, it became quickly evident that the long ball was going to play a big roll in the weekend series. The Razorbacks exploded for three deeps flies and thanks to a sensational day by Razorback shortstop, Casey Martin, Arkansas ran away with game one by a score of 11-2. They were now just one win away from returning to the place that haunted them, just a year ago.

The story of game 2 was much like the story of the 1st, as the ball continued to fly out of the park. The only difference being that this time, Ole Miss was the one smashing balls out of the park rather than the bats of Arkansas. The Rebels slugged four home runs during the afternoon en route to a dominant 13-5, game 2 win. This would then set up a winner take all, game 3 in a series that has thus far been as explosive of a series that you will ever find.

Arkansas was not ready to go home, and this was clear as game 3 began. They wanted to get revenge and were going to let no one or nothing get in their way of getting to Omaha. The Razorback bats were hot early and often, slugging balls out of the park left and right. Thanks to an offensive explosion in the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th innings, the Razorbacks won game 3 by the dominating score of 14-1 and were headed back to Omaha for the 6th time since 2000. The Razorbacks are now presented with an opportunity to finish the job they set out on a year ago, and get redemption for the entire city of Fayetteville.

Lets cut right to the chase. I think Arkansas is the most talented team in this years CWS. i think they have the best offense by far, I think their arms are good enough to support their high powered offense and I do not see the Razorbacks getting slowed down this week, at all. I also think that their SS Casey Martin is an absolute stud and think he will shine under the bright lights. Pig Sooie!

Florida State


Now, I know what you guys are all thinking. “I thought you said there were only two Cinderella teams in this year’s field,” I said that because I do not consider this Florida State team a cinderella story for a few reasons. For starters, I think they are wildly talented and feel that they should have at least gotten a chance to host regionals. Secondly, they have one of the greatest baseball minds of all time in Mike Martin leading their ship and thirdly, it’s Florida State baseball, excellence is expected. With that being said, I am impressed with their road to Omaha and I am definitely intrigued to see if they can keep this momentum up.

Florida States road to Omaha began in Athens Georgia where the Seminoles would be asked to take down teams such as FAU and 4th ranked, Georgia. This task would be completed in easy fashion as Florida state went 3-0 in region play while outscoring opponents 35-11 in the process. What impressed me the most about Florida State’s play during the Athens region, was how cool, calm and collected they seemed. You were to have thunk that they were a top 5 team in the country that was playing in the comfort of their backyard. This wasn’t the case, however. They were doing it all on the road, and their next stop would be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, home to one of the greatest atmospheres in college baseball.

As Florida State made the trip to Baton Rouge, they knew that it would be matched with one of the best teams in the country. LSU is a team that can hurt you with both their arms and their bats and for the Seminoles to come away with a win, they knew they had to be perfect. As game one began, what came through was the brilliance if Mike Martin. Every play that he put on, worked out to a tee. You have to give credit to the Florida State players for exciting, but you could tell that a mastermind was at work. The difference in game one came in the top of the 9th, when Seminole outfielder Albert Reese sent one into the Baton Rouge sky, securing his team to a 6-4 game one victory. The Seminoles now found themselves just one win away from Omaha and wanted to wrap this thing up as soon as possible.

The story of game 2 was all about the battle of who wanted it more. Game 2 was an up and down see-saw in which both teams were giving every ounce of energy they possibly had. After Florida State had what seemed to be, a commanding lead going into the 8th inning, LSU answered and tied the game up with a handful of gritty AB’s. Then as both teams remained squared as 4 as the 9th inning passed, it was determined that extra innings would be the decider for game 2. After two scoreless extras by both sides, Seminole third basemen, Drew Mendoza ripped an RBI single in the top of the 12th to break the tie and give his team a 5-4 lead. Florida State would then shut the door in the bottom half of the inning and punch their ticket to the College World Series. As the Seminoles began to celebrate, you could see the emotion radiate from Mike Martins face. You could see how bad he wanted this one, and he is now just a few wins away from having a storybook ending, to a magical career.

Can Florida State win this thing? It’s hard to say. On one hand, they have yet to lose this postseason, but on the other, the field this year is absolutely packed with talent. I think a big indicator that will show the level of success that the Seminoles will experience this week, will be how they perform against Arkansas in their opening-round game. If they get blown out, it will be clear that they can’t hang with the big dogs, but if they can manage to pull out a win, you could be looking at something special to follow.

Mississippi State


The final team coming around on our preview article are the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Mississippi State is a team that I believe is the most underrated team in the country. Although they earned the number 6 national seed in this years tournament, they rarely get the love they deserve. The Bulldogs have steamrolled through the competition so far and have not shown any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Mississippi States road to Omaha started in Starkville Mississippi, AKA, the Bulldogs home. The Bulldogs would play host to Southern University, Miami University, and Central Michigan University. The Bulldogs would play all three teams, and absolutely dominant them, outscoring their opponents by a score of 20-10 en route to a regional win. They would then welcome in a streaky Stanford team who was looking to bring rain, to the Starkville parade.

The story of game one came in the likes of Bulldog ace, Ethan Small. Small, who was anything but, absolutely carved through the Cardinal defense and thanks to a good offensive showing, the Bulldogs took game one by a score of 6-2. This seemingly postseason walk in the park for the Bulldogs, was now just one step away from entering the big time and heading to Omaha.

In game 2 of the supers, Mississippi States bats absolutely came alive.  The Bulldogs scored 4 in the 3rd, 1 in the fourth, and 3 in the 9th thanks to an absolutely towering home run by Bulldog Senior, Elijah MacNamee. As “Big Hit” Mac rounded the bases, the Bulldog faithful went absolutely berzerk, as this would be the last game he ever played at the place he so often referred to as home. Mississippi State would go on to win by a score of 8-1 and was headed to Omaha for the second straight year. Do not look twice, but this Bulldog team is bringing confidence with them to the CWS that can not be copied.

Mississippi State is a really, REALLY good team. They have a dynamite offense, throw the ball the way it is supposed to be thrown, and have the team chemistry that teams could only dream of. I think this Bulldogs team is talented enough to win it all, but feel that they will come up just short due to a team that is simply, too talented. This just goes to show, how absolutely stacked the 8 team field is this year. Everyone can win it, but at the same time, everyone can get knocked out in a blink of an eye.


Championship Series Prediction: Vanderbilt vs Arkansas 

































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2019 National Champion Prediction: Arkansas Razorbacks


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