Jean Segura MUST be Benched Tonight By: Peter Snyder

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I like to consider myself as being a fair person. I usually call it how it is and live my life shooting the shit. As a life long Phillies fan, I have experienced my fair share of ups, complimented with a surplus of downs, throughout the years. With that being said, I like to give every player who rocks the red pinstripes a fair go. If you put your heart on your sleeve night in and night out, I will give you my upmost respect and root for you on a nightly basis. Slumps happen and I may get frustrated here and there, but if you continue to show grit and passion, you will never lose my fandom.

However, one thing that I will not tolerate is a lack of hustle. What I saw last night from Phillies SS Jean Segura was disgusting, unacceptable and flat out sickening. To set the scene for you guys, last night, the Phillies were in D.C and were set to face the Nationals in the nightcap of a day, night double header. The Phils dropped the first game of the day by a score of 6-2 and have looked flatter than a bad soda for the greater part of a month now. During the night cap, the Philles bats would have the daunting task of facing future hall of famer, Max Scherzer. If you know anything about Mad Max, you know that one way to get to him, is to hop on him early. Phillies Shortstop, Jean Segura lead things off and poked a ball into left field that I initially, thought had a chance to get down and find some outfield grass. Nationals outfielder, Juan Soto dove for the ball but failed to make the play, leaving the ball to trickle past him. Now if you know baseball, you know that when ball that gets passed a diving outfielder, the runner almost ALWAYS ends up on at least second base. So you can image my dismay, when I saw Segura stopping at first base. The first thought that came to mind was, “OH, he probably just slipped out of the box.” But then they showed the replay….

ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME!!!!! I don’t care how good Jean Segura is, he could be Babe Freaking Ruth for all I care, if he is going to lolly gag out of the box like that, I don’t want him on my team. I don’t think people understand the magnitude of this situation. The Phillies are a struggling team right now. Point, blank, period. When a team is struggling, it sometimes takes a great hustle play to pick the boys up and get things rolling again. Because of this lack of hustle however, the Phils failed to score a run in  the top of the first, and lost the game 2-0. Jean Segura NEEDS to pay for his actions. If I was Gabe Kapler, I would have put his ass on the bench the second he returned to the dugout in the first. Kapler now has a very crucial decision to make. He can either A, continue to not hold his players accountable and put Segura in the starting lineup tonight or B, sac up and bench Segura for his lack of effort on the baseball diamond. The ball is in your court, Gabe.

PS. Jean is now going to have to earn my respect back because right now, I have to close my eyes every time he even comes up to the plate. I am BEYOND pissed.

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