What Happens When Luck Runs Out? By: Peter Snyder

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Saturday night around dinner time, I found myself sitting in a hotel lounge, watching the illustrious week 0 of college football. All of a sudden, a drunk man came beside me and said “Holy shit, is this college football,”as if he had never heard of the sport before. As we began reminiscing about who knows what, a bold and streaky red stripe popped up on the bottom of the TV screen. If you watch ESPN, you know that red streak means one thing and one thing only; breaking news. Per Adam Schefter, Andrew Luck, star QB of the Indianapolis Colts, would be retiring from the NFL. My response, as expected, went as followed. “WAIT WHAT has ESPN just been hacked because this news can not be true.” Andrew Luck is 29 years old, a top 5 QB in the NFL, and is the face of the Colts franchise. As news began to ring more true, an entire nation felt aftershocks due to the earthquake that just unfolded. Back to the drunk guy for a sec, at this point in time, I was shocked, but the man began to dance and sing to the tune of “Dancing Queen.” It was quite the site.

Then, as the clock rang 10, things began to turn ugly. During the news breakage of Luck’s retirement, the Colts were in the midst of a home preseason game. As word spread throughout the crowd, a cloud of anger began to fill Lucas Oil Stadium. Luck, a once beloved figure in this town, was getting booed off of his own field, for the very last time. In my opinion, this decision to boo is not only classless but is a complete disgrace.

When Andrew Luck was selected with the first overall pick in 2012, the Colts were nothing, hense, why they were given the first pick in the first place. Luck then went on to not only turn the Colts into a good team but transform them into a force. Under Luck’s leadership, the Colts have won two division championships (2013, 2014), have made the playoffs four times (2012, 2013, 2014, 2018,) and have even managed to appear in the AFC Championship game in 2014. Luck also has achieved personal success throughout his career, making the pro bowl four times and winning the passing title in 2014. Yet, through all that Colts fans are going to have the audacity the boo THEIR guy off the field. I get it. I do. Andrew luck was the future in Indy. But at the same time, you have to realize that Luck was just not happy anymore. The injuries became cryptic, the workload to get back became crippling and throughout all of this, the love of the game began to fade away. Andrew Luck made this decision to better himself, and I respect the hell out of him for it. Sure, I would have liked to see him continue his already historic NFL career. He is a generational talent and had the potential to be one of the best ever. But I also understand that sometimes in life, you have to take care of yourself, before thinking of others.

So my message to you Colts fans is simple. Be sympathetic and understanding to a man who gave you an arm and a leg for a good part of his young life. A man who came into a beaten down organization, and turned into one of the NFL’s elite. You fans owe Andrew Luck more than you will ever imagine. And my message to you Andrew Luck. I wish you nothing but a happy retirement and can’t wait to see the footprint you make in this world during your life after football. Cheers.

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