The Hottest of Seats; Michigan Edition By: Peter Snyder

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Let us play a fun game called who is currently on the hot seat. The three options to choose from are A, the man who just ate too many buffalo wings and is facing the cruel and painful consequences in the bathroom. B, the dude who thought he got it out in time, but now has a 2-year-old. Or C, Jim Harbaugh. If you guessed C, you are today’s lucky winner. That’s right, Jim Harbaugh, a once elite coach admired by many, has now found himself in danger of losing his job.

This past Saturday, Harbaugh took his Michigan team into Camp Randall to face the Wisconsin Badgers. To say that the boys in Mason blue got embarrassed would be an understatement, as the Badgers from Wisconsin kicked the living shit out of Michigan, beating them by the score of 35-14. Although Michigan’s defense looked flatter than a freshly paved road, it was not the only negative takeaway spectators came away with. Jim Harbaugh got outcoached by Paul Chryst in every imaginable way. Harbaugh’s play-calling was extremely lazy. He looked uninspired on the sidelines and for the first time in a long time, Harbaugh looked lost. But maybe that statement is not true. Maybe Harbaugh has been lost for quite some time now, but we have failed to see it due to the enormity of the program he coaches for. Maybe, just maybe, Jim Harbaugh is not a good coach anymore.

So where does Michigan go from here? When a team experiences an embarrassing loss like the Wolverines did on Saturday, it is hard to speculate which way they will bounce back. They can either rally together and put the past behind them, which will lead to success, or they can let the negative energy follow them, leading to a season of despair. Unfortunately for Michigan, I think they are leaning more towards the side of despair. I say this because this Michigan team has a system and structure that can be very easily figured out. If a team game plan’s against them correctly like Wisconsin did, the Wolverines could be in for a long season. This is how I see the rest of Michigan’s season panning out.

Sep 28th vs Rutgers – W

Oct 5th vs Iowa – Toss up

Oct 12th @ Illinois – W

Oct 19th @ Penn State – L

Oct 26th vs ND – L

Nov 2nd @ Maryland – Toss up

Nov 16th vs Michigan State – W

Nov 23rd @ Indiana – W

Nov 30th vs Ohio State – L

For argument’s sake, let’s say that both toss up games resulted in losses for Michigan. Let’s also say that when Michigan played Maryland, the Terrapins were a ranked team. If this were all true, the Wolverines would finish the season with a 6-6 record, Jim Harbaugh would be 1-8 on the road against ranked opponents and Michigan would have lost to Ohio state for the 8th straight time (Harbaugh would be 0-5 against the Buckeyes.) So let me ask you this Michigan fans, is this really the guy you want commanding your ship?


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