The Bachelor Power Rankings – Week 1

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Peter the Pilot is back in the cockpit and is ready to find his Co-Pilot! Last night, Bachelor fans were treated to a 3-hour mega premiere that was filled with more drama than a mid-day soap opera. Throughout this season, I will be providing a weekly power ranking list that consists of the top 7 contenders on this season of The Bachelor. Now, of course, this list could be rearranged week and week out as we know, it’s not about how you start a race, it’s about how you finish. So without further ado, let’s get right into our week one rankings.

7. Hannah B


I’ll be honest, when I first saw this seasons trailer, I thought FOR SURE Hannah B was going to be a contestant on this year’s show.  And I mean, it’s kinda bush league if you ask me. Peter already has an infatuation for Hannah which gives her a huge leg up on the rest of the competition. But then, in a shocking twist, Hannah B gives Peter a pair of Pilot wings that she was gifted by him last season…..and just leaves. So you think that would be all we hear from her, right? WRONG.

At the end of episode one, Hannah B reappears, only to be left in tears as she is asked by Peter to re-enter the show. At this point, I’m annoyed. This is not your season anymore Hannah B. It’s Peter’s. Let my man breath. So now, we are left with the mystery of whether or not Hannah B is going to join the house and be part of this years season. I sure hope not.

Disclaimer: The reason Hannah B makes this week’s rankings is because she is a bachelor/bachelorette legend.

6.  Tammy


When we were first introduced to Tammy from Syracuse, I was scared. I mean, this girl could straight kick my ass, your ass and every ass in between. Tammy was also very aggressive/horny out of the gates as she not only wanted to give Peter a “Full-body scan,” but handcuffed him and kissed him like she owned the place. But ya know what, Tammy grew on me as the season premiere carried on. She toned it down a notch and became seemingly relatable. Also, she deserved to go on that flyover date with Peter as it was clear, Kelley cheated in the Tricycle Race. But I liked how Tammy stood up for herself, calling Kelley out for cheating, and I got a good feeling that she is going to stay in this game of love for quite some time.

5. Kelley



Okay so let’s be real honest with ourselves about Kelley. There is no way in HELL this girl just HAPPENED to stumble upon Peter in a hotel before the shows taping. This was a matriculated, planned out operation by Kelley used to give her an upper hand before the competition even started. And while this may be considered cheating, I low key respect the hustle. I mean think about all the hard work and effort it would take to find Pilot Pete on a day off.

However, as the saying goes, high risks equal high reward and that is exactly what happened here. It is clear that Peter has a huge attraction to Kelley, which makes her a big-time, early favourite in this show.

4. Savannah


Savannah may be my wild card to win this whole show. Every year, you get that one, shy, but not too shy girl from Texas who makes all the right moves and says all the right things. And that’s exactly what we have here with Savannah. Savannah didn’t make the biggest splash in episode one, but she did enough to stand out. She didn’t “Steal em for a sec” but knew when to strike when the iron was hot. In baseball terms, Savannah pitched 6 scoreless and got enough help from the offense to get the win. If I had to make one guarantee in this show, it may be that Savannah makes a deep run to Peter’s heart.

EDIT: I had no idea THIS was Savannah. What a firecracker.

3. Victoria P


Although there may be 9000’s Victorias on this season of the Bachelor, it is clear that only one truly stands out. Victoria P has that “It factor” that people can only dream about. She has a bubbly personality, is drop-dead gorgeous and isn’t shy to step out of her comfort zone. Later on in episode one, we saw Victoria P face her fears when she faced a motion simulator, which was followed by a quick pit stop to the bathroom. I must say, one of the funniest moments of the entire premiere was when Victoria P was describing her childhood terrors on the teacups as if it were a life or death situation.

I really like Victoria P and think she could be a future co-pilot.

The Elite

Here we go. Our top two. This may be a hot take but I’m just gonna go out and say it. These top two may be the two best contestants on the HISTORY of the bachelor. And how Peter is going to choose is beyond me. I mean, we are going to witness a 10 round, heavyweight fight. A best of 7 series. A 5 setter. I can not wait.

2. Madison


Madison, the daughter of an Auburn basketball coach, is an absolute sweetheart. I mean for starters, she may be the most attractive girl the show has ever had. With a smile that lights up a room and a presence that can be seen a mile away, you knew that from the second Madison stepped out of the limo, she was a favourite.

Peter was all over Madison in the first episode and it can be debated that she already won. He took her home, introduced her to his parents, and welcomed her to the celebration of his parent’s wedding vow renewal. That is something that is usually done on the final episodes of the show. And not to mention, Peters family loved Madison as much, if not more than Peter did during her time spent at there home. At one point, I was honestly curious as to if the show was just going to end during the premiere, as Madison looked to have it that much in the bag. That would have to be some sort of Bachelor Record.

1. Hannah Ann


HANNAH ANN. The Knoxville native is here to not only steal Peter’s heart but steal every heart in the United States of America. From the SECOND Hannah Ann was introduced last night, I was like “WOAH.” I mean there are pretty girls. There are gorgeous girls. And there is Hannah Ann. I’m not sure what it is but Hannah Ann CLEARLY stood out from the jump and the buzz on social media was alive.

However, as everyone knows, most things are too good to be true. About 1/4 of the way through the show, Hannah Ann showed her crazy side. She decided that she was not only going talk to Peter once, not even twice but three times. THREE. Some of these girls didn’t even get to utter a word to Pete, but Hannah is over here telling her life story to the Pilot while giving gifts and kisses in the process.

But you know what, Peter must have liked the crazy as Hannah Ann was gifted with the first-first impression rose and was given the chance to smack lips with Peter even more. I’m telling you right now. Hannah Ann is going to cause a shit load of drama in the house and is going to win this thing dramatically. And I am 1000 percent here for it.

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