The Bachelor Power Rankings – Week 2

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Hannah B is officially gone and it is time for the games to begin…or should I say explode!

7.  Sydney


Although Sydney did not get much facetime in Episode 1, the 24-year-old from Birmingham sure made up for it by putting on an absolute clinic in episode 2. During the beginning of the episode, Peter and Sydney sat down to have a heart to heart conversation. We, as the audience, found out that this southern bell was anything but a southern girl at heart, and actually faced some hardships growing up in the South with Hispanic descent. It was a real moment that was not only sealed with a kiss by the pilot, but a group date rose as well. Sydney has now transformed into a contender overnight.

6. Alexa


Alexa the Vagina waxer may be the most chill contestant on the history of the bachelor. Alexa is the type of girl who will call you out on your bullshit, while at the same time respect you for being real. When all the other girls were being petty and mad about Hannah B over welcoming her stay, Alexa kept it 100 and told Pete that he had to move on.

I know Alexa isn’t going to win the show, but I would take her out for a drink at the bar any day of the week.

5. Victoria F


I am not sure how I feel about Victoria F yet. On one hand, she is clearly one of the more attractive girls on the show, but on the other, Victoria F is extremely self-conscious and could let her own insecurities get in the way. During the second group date of the episode, Peter took a selected number of girls to “Revolve” to compete in a runway fashion show. Long story short, Victoria F both broke out of her shell, wearing sexy lingerie, and cracked under the pressure, as she whimpered at the fear of competing with the other women.

I think if Victoria F can find her inner confidence, she has a real shot to win this thing. If not, however, her self doubts will be her ultimate demise.

4. Victoria P


Not much screen time this week for Victoria P, but when you look like the way Victoria P look’s, not much could be done for you to be taken out of the top 4.

3. MyKenna


HUGE WEEK FOR MyKenna!! For starters, MyKenna is the type of girl who gets what she wants, when she wants it. If she wanted to kiss Peter during last nights episode, she was going to kiss him. If she wanted to steal Pete before Kelsey got a chance to sit down with him with for Champagne, she was going to steal him. MyKenna, in my eyes, had the second-best episode of the night (Behind Hannah Ann.)

I am not putting MyKenna on the same level as Madison and Hannah Ann, but I do wanna say last night, a star was born.

2. Madison


It is starting to become very apparent just how unfair this game called love will be if your name is not Madison or Hannah Ann. Madison has an upper hand in this game, simply because she is Madison. I mean for all intents and purposes, the girl maybe got 2 minutes of air time this week, and had one of the more memorable moments of the night,  as her flirty smile was as heartwarming as a military homecoming video. (Those things get me every time.)

Madison is going to steal the hearts of millions of Americans week after week and there is nothing any of us can do to stop it.

1. Hannah Ann


Perhaps the most dramatic moment of the night came on the “innocent” hands of Hannah Ann, who absolutely cucked the shit out of Kelsey’s champagne date. See, the plan was for Kelsey, who had brought a bottle of champagne from home with her, to have a romantic date with Pete. She had barely spent any time with him thus far and felt that this was a moment that really needed to happen. But then, Hannah Ann, being the pageant winner she is, swooped in from the clouds (wearing an AMAZING dress) and drank the champagne with Peter like she owned the place. This left Kelsey in tearboat city and once again, gave Hannah Ann the upper hand.

While many people are giving Hannah Ann shit on social media about her champagne antics, I honestly respect the move. You are not here to make friends, you are here to win the damn game and that is exactly what Hannah Ann is doing. In fact, Hannah Ann isn’t just winning the game so far, she is flat out dominating it. I am talking like Tiger Woods in the ’97 Masters. type dominance.  Later on in the episode, when the selected ladies had their fashion show, Hannah Ann won in convincing fashion. She blew the competition away and established her dominance is yet another way.

In a game of chess that is known as The Bachelor, Hannah Ann may be close to checking her mate.

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