The Bachelor Power Rankings – Week 3

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THIS LEAGUE!!! The amount of drama that has already transpired during this season is enough to make your head explode and then some. During week one we had the Hannah B meltdown. Then in Week two, we were treated to the now infamous champagne gate and tonight, we were witness to a classic duel between “southern bell” Sydney and faker then life, Alayah. Drama aside, it is still important that we take care of business and talk about this weeks power rankings.

7. Mykenna


During last weeks power rankings, I had Mykenna slated in the three spot. I thought she had a monster episode and truly believed her stock was only going to go up. But then, Mykenna cried…and cried some more….and cried even more. Like we get it. You want to see Peter more. All the girls do. You don’t want to go home. Neither does anyone else. Realistically though, you gotta keep it together if you want a shot at winning Peters, heart. Nobody is going to want an emotional mess. While I still have hope for Mykenna, I feel as if her true colors may have shown during this weeks episode.

6. Kelley


I may not be the biggest fan of Kelley, but this isn’t my show. It is clearer than a bright blue sky that Peter is CRAZY about this girl. Kelley didn’t get to much time during this episode, but we did get to see her assert her dominance in which she told Peter to shave his beard into scruff which was then followed by an uncomfortable makeout. I think Kelley is sitting pretty in the cockpit and won’t be going anywhere soon.

5. Tammy


I think I am ready to proclaim Tammy as my official dark horse for this competition. As many of you know, my first impression of Tammy was that she was a wrestler who could kick my ass and I was deathly afraid of her. But as the show has progressed, my opinion on the Syracuse native has drastically changed. Tammy is the type of girl who is just fun to be around. She is pretty, she is drama free and is the kind of gal you wanna take home to the family. But not as a bro…


4. Sydney


I mean you wanna talk about making a name for yourself! In just one week, Sydney transformed from the shy girl who faced hardships growing up in the south, to a bonified badass who single handily sniffed out, and sent home a girl who was faker than the Real Housewives of Orange County. During this weeks episode, we found out that Sydney isn’t here to play no games. She is here to be real, be herself and find love. And that is something I can respect the hell out of.

3. Victoria P


Victoria P is slowly starting to become a heavy favorite on this show. The playful, yet romantic date that she and Peter shared at the beginning of this weeks episode was straight out of the page of a mid-2000s rom-com. Besides the fact that Victoria P is drop-dead gorgeous, she also has this kindness and pureness to her that jumps off of the TV screen. You can tell that she is there for the right intentions and if she were to be lucky enough to become a co-pilot, then Peters plane would be in quite good hands.

2. Madison


Madison had one scene during this weeks episode, and it was probably the most impactful moment of the show. The way she and Peter look at each other is like they have been in love for 5o years. Her bright smile has already stolen Peters’s heart, and if I’m being honest, I feel like this show could end at any given moment with the announcement of Madison and Peters engagement.

1. Hannah Ann


Hannah Ann may have only gotten 20 seconds of total screen time this week, but she is still by far and away the leader of the pack. It goes Her, Madison………………………………..Everybody else.

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