The Bachelor Power Rankings – Week 4

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Hey guys! Sorry I am getting to this post. School started up again and cha boy is crazy busy. Anyway, the wicked witch of the west is officially back, all the girls are bruised and hate Peter, and it’s time to get into this weeks power rankings.

7. Deandra


We have a newcomer on this week’s power rankings. The reason Deandra has entered this weeks PR is that she absolutely put on a clinic during the episodes football game. On the final play of the contest, Deandra’s team needed to score a touchdown to tie the game up, and send both parties to an evening time cocktail party. Being the badass she is, Deandra Mossed her defender, took the ball to the crib and tied the game up as time expired. Legends are made on the bachelor.

6. Tammy


Tammy has become the official narrator of this years season. It has become apparent that the producers enjoy her rhetoric, and are going to overuse her on-screen interviewers all season long. But you know what? I don’t mind it. Tammy is fun. She says statements like “Shooketh” and “Oh my drama.” She also called Peter her Boyfriend in this episode which is the definition of having big dick energy. You go girl.

5. Sydney

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Wanna know what’s messed up. Sydney is a GREAT girl. A girl that most guys would die to have. But because of this Petty drama that has been going on for the last two week’s, she has not been given the time of day by Pete. And that just ain’t right. But I believe that it is only a matter of time before Peter sees how great she truly is.

4. Victoria P


Let’s keep it 100 percent real for a second. We ALL thought Victoria P was going to cruise to the final 4. She has the looks, she has the charisma and Peter is absolutely CRAZY about her. BUUUUT, in this week’s episode we saw a side of Victoria P that we had not seen before. During the cocktail party, it was revealed that Victoria P had not been completely honest in regards to her friendship with Alayah. This could mean that A. she is a snake in the grass or B. her words just got jumbled up. Whatever the case may be, Victoria P, who had been cruising in the cockpit, has been placed in the back seat.

3. Victoria F


You can only imagine the sheer terror that must of taken over Victoria F’s body when she turned the corner and saw her ex-bf, Chase Rice singing away to her and Pete, all with Pilot being completely unknown to the situation. I found the moment to be both awkward yet extremely hilarious. However, I did like how she was honest about the situation and it is clear that Peter has a major attraction towards her.

PS: Victora F earned bonus points when she cussed out that fake bitch Alayah.

2. Madison


Another week of Madison having like three words. Another week of Madison being absolutely perfect.

1. Hannah Ann


Hannah Ann is like the Roger Federer of the Bachelor, as efficient and precise as they come.

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