Did Tom Brady Just Retire? By: Peter Snyder

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Thomas Edward Patrick Brady. 14x Pro Bowler, 3 time MVP, 4-time Super Bowl MVP and  6 time Super Bowl Champion.

 Some may say that Tom Brady is the greatest QB of our generation. Others may state that he is the greatest QB of all time. Heck, some even say that he is the greatest football player to ever put on pads and a helmet. Whatever the case may be, at approximately 6:37 PM ET,  on January 30th, 2020 the entire football word stood still with one single tweet made by the illustrious GOAT himself. 

What could this tweet possibly mean? Could Tom Brady possibly be announcing his retirement on Twitter with a dim-lit picture? Could he be announcing his departure from the New England patriots? Could this possibly be the closing of one chapter and beginning of another or is this the end of an award-winning novel.  

If this truly is the end of the Tom Brady era, I would just like to say to Tom personally,  it’s about damn time. It is time to give someone else a chance to succeed. For almost two decades now, you have been dominating a league that is supposed to be hard. You have been making your full-time job, look like a part-time hobby. You have made the notion of competition a one-way street. See,  when one door closes another one opens and it is now time for someone else to shine in a newfound spotlight. I:e Patrick Mahomes. 


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