The 5 Worst Teams in College Basketball By: Peter Snyder

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dsfwmnivyaaag0hEvery Monday at approximately 1 p.m ET, the Associated Press releases their weekly men’s college basketball rankings. Featured in the rankings,  are 25 of the best college basketball teams in the entire nation. These teams possess, flash, promise and purpose. But have you ever wondered to yourself “Who are the WORST teams in college basketball?” Well, fear no more because I now present to you the 5 worst college basketball teams in the nation. 

5. Delaware State (3-17) 


Coming in at number 5 on our list, are the Delaware State Hornets out of the MEAC conference. Currently, the Hornets are sitting on a measly 3-17 record and are just 2-4 in conference play. So what makes Delaware State so bad you ask? Turnovers, turnovers and more turnovers. As a team this season, the Hornets are averaging 16.1 turnovers a game which equates to nearly 10 turnovers per half. This ranks as 332nd worst in the nation.

With this being said, the Hornets do have some reason to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Delaware State is currently on a 1 game winning streak and are host to Senior guard, John Crosby who is averaging 20.5 points a game. They look to continue their winning streak tonight as they play host to MD-Eastern. 

4. Arkansas Pine Bluff (3-17) 


Next on our list, let’s welcome in the Arkansas Pine Bluff Golden Lions out of the SWAC conference. Arkansas Pine Bluff is a team that isn’t just bad, they are flat out awful. The Golden Lions are currently riding a 5 game losing streak, average 18.3 turnovers a game which is good enough for dead last in the nation and have a total rebound margin of -3 (306th worst in the nation) On top of all of that, Arkansas Pine Bluff’s leading scorer, Markedric Bell, is averaging just 10 points per game. With those types of numbers, you can not expect to win many games, no matter who or what the competition may be. 

3. Houston Baptist (3-17) 


Houston Baptist, out of the Southland conference started their season with a respect 80-72 loss at Tulsa. They then went on to lose their next 9 games by a combined score of 932 to 694. That means, that in just 36 quarters of basketball, the Huskies of Houston Baptist managed to get outscored by 238 points. That is seemingly impossible. But with a defense as bad as the Huskies, nothing seems to be impossible for an opposing offense. On the year, Houston Baptist is giving up 99.1 points a game, which ranks dead last in the country. During one point this season, the Huskies gave up 95 or more points during 14 straight games. If Houston Baptist wants to win another game this season, they are going to have to hope the other team doesn’t show up. 

2. Howard (2-21) 


Coming in 2nd place on our list are the Howard Bison out of the MEAC conference. Howard is currently in the midst of an 11 game losing streak and has won a game since December 18th of last year. The Bison have yet to win a conference game (0-8), and are barely keeping their heads above water. Actually, as a matter a fact, there heads have been underwater and then some for months now. The thing that is ironic about Howard though, is that they are not losing their games by that many points. During their last three contest, the Bison have only lost by a combined 17 points. If they keep pushing, hopefully, this struggling program can get find wins down the home stretch.  

1. Mississipi Valley State (1-19) 


May I now present to you the worst team in college basketball, the Mississipi Valley State Delta Devils. Miss Valley State is not only the worst team in college basketball this year, but they may also be the worst team in the history of the sport. On November 8, 2019, Miss Valley St was defeated by Utah 143-49. This 94 point victory set a record for the highest margin of victory in division one history. Then, during the Miss Valley States next game, the Delta Devils were defeated by 56 points to Central Michigan, with the final score being 134-78. These inimical blowouts have continued throughout the year and as of today, the Delta Devils rank last in scoring margin, losing by an average of 25 points per game. Miss Valley St. has trouble with almost every facet of the game. They struggle shooting free throws, they struggle to keep hold of the ball and they struggle to keep the game respectable a good portion of the time. 

The 1967- 1968 UCLA Bruins were widely considered to be the greatest college basketball team of all time. I think we are going to be saying the opposite about the 2019-2021 Mississipi Valley State Delta Devils come seasons end. 


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