The Bachelor Power Rankings – Week 5 (Part A)

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5 hours of the Bachelor this week!  Lord have mercy! To compensate for the Bachelor hysteria, I decided that I am going to break this week’s power rankings into two segments. Tonight, I will be giving my PR’s from 7-5 and Wednesday, I will be giving my top 4 of the week. Now of course, if someone has a star-studded episode on Wednesday night they could be shifted into the top 4, but for now, I feel pretty good about my list.

7. Tammy


Throughout this season, Tammy and I have experienced quite the up and down relationship. There are certain points where I love Tammy and certain points where Tammy scares the living shit out of me. During tonight’s episode, however, Tammy gave me a little combination of the two. Throughout the entire program I thought Tammy was going to kick Kelsey’s ass… and then Sydneys ass .. and after so, kick MY ass through the TV screen. But hey, I guess I like em crazy.

PS: Tammy is a snake in the grass who all the girls hate but she’s the best option we got at 7 so hang with me.

6. Lexi


This weeks newcomer comes in the form of Lexi. I’m gonna be honest, Lexi was not one of those women who stood out to me to begin the season. But as the show has progressed, Lexi has gotten more recognizable by the episode. She speaks her mind, is super chill and is very pretty. I don’t think Lexi wins the show, but I definitely think she is going to hang around for a while.

UPDATE: Was trying to write on a deadline and boy did that backfire. LMAOOOO. I am keeping this up however to show the clown I am lol.

5.  Victoria P


Kind of a quiet episode tonight for Victoria P. And while I  still feel that she is a snake in the weeds for lying last week, I do realize the insane attraction that she has with Peter. Like, the three scenes she was in today featured her just making out with the Pilot. I still think she is in the backseat, but Victoria P is one strong move away from being right back in the cockpit.


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