The Bachelor Power Rankings – Week 5 (Part B)

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In one of the most shocking episodes in recent Bachelor history, Victory P, a favorite to many, was sent home packing by the pilot for her previous lack of honestly.  Then, when it seemed as if the drama had subsided, Victoria F announced that she was having doubts and threatened to leave the show, as she was not ready to commit to marriage. And then, to top it ALL off, Tammy was sent home for being an absolute savage who was hated by literally everyone in the house. Two hours and one departure later and we now down to our Elite 8.

UPDATE: Did not think there was any way in hell we would get a rose ceremony tonight. 6 remain!!!!

4. Victoria F


Okay, I know what you guys are thinking. “Why is Victoria F in your top four? She is more insecure and confused than a lost puppy.” Well, I truly believe that Victora F is faking the entire insecure act and feel that she plays a certain part to make herself feel venerable for Peter. But ya know what? It’s working. Not only is Peter insanely into Victoria F, but she also became the first girl this season to earn a second one on one date. Victoria F currently has  Peter on a string and is playing him like a fiddle.

3. Sydney

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As this show progresses, I am finding myself starting to fall in love with Sydney. For starters, that one on one date she had with Peter in Costa Rica was not only ascetically beautiful but was super genuine and real at the same time. Sydney is a woman who knows what she wants and is playing this “game” how it should be…with her heart. The southern girl who started the show shy is starting to revile who she truly is and I am 100 percent here for it.

PS: Also, did you see her in that Tella Novella scene? WOWZA

UPDATE: NO WAY IT HAPPENED AGIAN LMAOOO I love and Hate this show so freaking much

2. Hannah Ann


Hannah Ann, oh Hannah Ann. Putting you in the #2 spot for the first time this season was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. From the second you stepped out of that limo, you’ve been an instant favorite, making every right move. At the one on one date tonight, you shined, showing a sign of you we hadn’t yet seen before. But at the same time, I have to conduct these rankings with not only my heart but by the heart of the Pilots as well. And if we are being honest, there is ONE clear standout who Peter is absolutely head over heels by.


1. Madison


In terms of sport, Madison is currently pitching the most dominant complete game in Bachelor history.  The way Peter looks at her is the way I look at Pizza. The way they kiss is something out of a cheesy rom-com. When I watch Madison and Peter interact, it is like they have already been married for 40 years. They just have that spark that can be seen from a mile away and I do not think any other women in the house can truly say the same about their relationship with Pete. At this point in the show, I would be SHOCKED if Madison did not come out of this as Peters co-pilot.

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