The Bachelor Power Rankings – Week 6

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After weeks of gruelling deliberation, we have finally reached our final four. Pete the Pilot has bis eyes narrowed in on love and can start to prepare for takeoff. For this week’s power rankings, I have decided that I am going to place the 4 women in order from least, to most likely to win the Pilots’ heart. So Without further ado, let’s talk about our crazy darkhorse, Victoria F.

4. Victoria F

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24

Let’s cut right the chase when talking about Victoria F. This girl is bat shit crazy and I have no idea how she has managed to make it into the final four. The amount of complete meltdowns we have seen from Victoria F this season has been nothing short of flabergasting. Like think about it, do you really want a girl that is going to accuse you of being in a mood every time you speak? I didn’t think so.

I think the real reason Peter gave Victoria F  a rose tonight over Kelley is because he has an insane amount of sexual attraction towards her and wants to see where the fantasy suites take him. And I know how shallow that may sound, but we all know that Pete is one horny Bachelor.

3. Kelsey


You wanna talk about a complete 180? Kelsey has gone from having champagne explode all over her face, to being snuggled up with the Pilot on a mountain top in Puru. While I may not have loved Kelsey at the beginning of the show, I can completely respect and root for a true underdog story. I don’t think any of us could sit here and honestly say that we expected Kelsey to be in the top four. But here she is, with a real shot of being the next Mrs Weber.

2. Hannah Ann


Just like I predicted during my inaugural rankings, Hannah Ann has cruised into the final four. And think what you want, but the only reason Hannah got sent on that 3 on one date tonight was for dramatic purposes. There was no way in hell she was actually going to be sent home. I actually became mad at myself for believing that there was a remote chance that she may not be given a rose. But much to my satisfaction, this was not the case, as Hannah Ann was rewarded with the final rose of the night.

I think it is going to be tough for Hannah Ann to knock off my #1, but I think we may be looking at our next Bachelorette.

1.  Madison


We have gotten to the point of the show where if Madison doesn’t win, nothing will ever make sense again. It is so clear that Madison is clear and away the favourite to be Peters co-pilot. Peter even admitted that he was falling in love with her tonight which he had not done with any other women all season long.

I said it last week and I’ll say it again this week; the spark that Madison and Peter have is just different than everybody else. It is brighter, it is more transparent and it is a hell of a lot more attractive (Some of those make-out scenes on the boat, Hubba Hubba.)  And Sure, Madison may have admitted to being a virgin but is Peter THAT horny. I sure hope not, because these two are truly a match made in heaven.

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