What is March Without Madness? By: Peter Snyder

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What is March without madness? What is peanut butter without jelly? What is rock without the roll? After this very tweet came out just moments ago, my heart immediately sank to my stomach.

No. No. NO! This can’t be true. This can’t even be a possibility. March without madness is literally like sex without a girl (Or guy, you get the point,) It just doesn’t work. And I get it, this Corona Virus is bad but let me take one for the team. I will personally take this virus head-on if it means the NCAA tournament will be played. This just freaking sucks. March Madness is officially March Sadness.


I am officially numb. No fans? How is this going to work? What about the atmospheres, the bands, what ABOUT THE UPSETS. Upsets are special because no matter what team you are rooting for, you are going to root for Roast Beef State to take down the Kentucky’s and Duke’s of the world. Without that crowd noise, the madness of march is not mad. It is boring and it is sad. This literally is the worst day ever and I am never going to drink a Corona beer again.

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