Finding Hope in a Dark Place By: Joe Bailey

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At one point Coronavirus, or properly known as COVID-19, seemed like another clickbait piece of media that would never actually turn into anything big. When I first heard about this virus it was on the DailyMail section of my Snapchat, almost three months later it is a reality all of us are living within different ways. Being a sports fanatic the magnitude of COVID-19 was not truly taken in by me until major sports started putting their seasons on hold. It hit even harder when I was laid off due to non- essential businesses being closed in my home state of New Jersey.

Now I spend my days inside of my home with my family playing my favorite sports video games such as EA Sports’ Madden 20, and MLB The Show 20 trying to avoid the deadly virus and trying to curve the spread of the virus in the US. I find myself playing these games more than others because of how much I miss professional sports. Every day
I wake up and think about how I should be in the Bronx watching the Yankees during their hunt for their 28th world title, or how the Philadelphia Flyers were the hottest team in Hockey before all this happened, which now feels like an eternity ago. I miss rooting for something. Rooting for your favorite players and teams gives you some form of excitement in your life that you cannot replicate and for me, it always made days go by faster. Like many others, I found myself trying to fill my sports void, and I had nothing that I could root for. That is, until now.

Fans of the sporting world look at star athletes as heroes because they contribute to our favorite teams. In our world currently, there are two teams, and there are certainly heroes for us to root for. The game we should all be tuning into now is the people of the world versus COVID- 19, and our star players are every healthcare worker across the globe. Similar to sporting events, the average person is at home tuning in to watch this game, but I feel as though our star players are not getting the love and recognition they deserve.

In every corner of the world, there are healthcare workers ready and willing to go to war against this virus, to ensure our safety and ultimatley, victory. People who are putting their health on the line day in and day out for the safety of the rest of us is incredibly admirable and heroic to say the very least. What I want to accomplish by writing this is that I want these heroes to know that all of us are cheering for them. Without healthcare workers who knows what state the human population would be. Without you all, we would lose this battle.

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