RIP to the XFL [2020-2020]

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On Friday morning, the XFL announced that they would be suspending all operations and laying off nearly all of its staff.  According to multiple sources, the league currently has no plans to return in 2021.

Last month, the league cancelled its season after just five games played due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the time, the XFL had every intention to return to play in 2021. Those beliefs, however, soon changed come Friday morning.

According to an XFL staffer, the leagues CEO Jeffrey Pollack conducting a 10-minute conference call on Friday to inform employees of the news.

In terms of the XFL’s future, the employee told a source that “It’s done, “It’s not coming back.”

By cancelling their season, the XFL becomes the second spring football league in as many years to suspend operations before completing its final season (AAF in 2019.)

The XFL could not have been expected to fight off this pandemic financially, but it is a shame that more likely than not, they will never end up finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

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