Ranking The NFL’s New Uniforms By: Peter Snyder

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During the NFL offseason, one fun trend to keep an eye on is the release of new uniforms. A hand full of teams spread around the league decide it is time to “Rebrand” themselves and unleash a new and improved look.

However, it is important to acknowledge that these rebrands are not always successful. Teams will sometimes release new uniforms that are as ugly as your mother in law after downing a bottle of wine on Christmas Eve.

I now want to take a few moments to a look at the good, the bad, and the flat out ugly in regards to the teams that decided it was time for a new look in lieu of the upcoming season. Enjoy.

7. Los Angeles Rams


Okayyyyyy, so what, in the bloody hell are these? I understand what the Rams are trying to do here, paying homage to 1980, LA Rams, but this is way too much. These jerseys look like the blue men group threw up all over them. Also, have you guys seen the lettering on these bad boys?

Do you guys remember when you were a kid, and your parents would buy you a cake for your birthday that had the shitty lettering on it? These reminds me of that. Gr-oss.

6. Atlanta Falcons


The Atlanta Falcons had one of best jerseys in the NFL. Keyword, had. I don’t get it, man, I really don’t. Why would the Falcons take it upon themselves to touch a thing that already worked? The Black and Red color way that the Falcons present is in my eyes, one of the best combos in the NFL. When you combine the ugly lettering in the front of the jersey to go along with mixed colouring on the red alternates, you get a complete disaster.

I do like those black throwbacks thooo.

5. New England Patriots


Not a huge change here for the Patriots, but an ugly one never the less. I think what the Patriots are trying to do here become a color rush centric franchise, 24/7. What the fail to understand though is that color rush uniforms are special because they are worn every once in a while. If the Olympics were to happen every year, they would not be nearly as special. I hope that makes sense.

4. Cleveland Browns


Now we are starting to talk! The Browns made slight changes to their uniforms, but these changes work absolute wonders. For starters, the Brows added stripes to their socks. While this may not seem like a big deal, it provides a uniform with a vintage vibe and completes the jersey nicely. Also, I understand that brown is usually an ugly color, but those color rush unis are WORKING for me.

3. Indianapolis Colts


The team that made the slightest change out of this list is the Indianapolis Colts.  The only thing the Colts really did was clean up their helmets a tad and created a new secondary logo. However, I really like the secondary logo and for that reason, I’m in.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Whenever I play madden with the Bucs, I always use their throwback Uniforms. I love the maroon colorway that is displayed that goes along with charcoal helmets. Much to my fancy, I was ecstatic to hear that the Bucanners were going to bring these throwbacks back into fruition. These uniforms have such a clean look to them and I can not wait to see them on the field come fall.


1. Los Angeles Chargers


The Chargers continue to kill the jersey game. Before this new jersey release, it could be argued that the Chargers had the best jerseys in the NFL. There is no argument anymore. These new jerseys have everything. The colorway is sexy. The numbers on the helmet are clean and the bolt coming across the pant leg is orgasmic. These new threads are freaking perfect and it not even a question as to who won the rebranding game this offseason.

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