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Image By: Barstool Sports

On Sunday night, Dave Portnoy, who is the founder of the popular media company Barstool Sports, released an update on the ongoing scandal between Barstool and one of their most popular podcast, “Call Her Daddy.”

Call Her Daddy, which has been on the Barstool networks since 2018, has been one of the fastest-growing podcast the company has ever seen. There have been reports out there that when things were going well, the podcast would generate close to 100k dollars per episode.

However, as of recently, the show has been MIA. The NY Post released an article that said that Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, who are the hosts of CHD, have been in an ongoing feud that has turned ugly. ““They’re not speaking to each other anymore,” said an insider who spoke to the post. “They’ve completely turned on each other and started arguing over who was the real talent and who did more of the heavy lifting.

This may leave one to wonder as to why Cooper and Franklyn were in a bad spot. Up to this point, it had seemed as if the two were inseparable together and were experiencing a boatload of success in the process. This where Portnoy comes in.

During Sunday nights episode, which was entitled “Daddy Speaks,” Portnoy cleared up the air as to what was really going on.

According to Portnoy, everything began to go south at the beginning of April, when the two felt as if it was time for their brand to experience new ownership. Portnoy said that Cooper and Franklyn wanted to maintain the intellectual property for Call Her Daddy; however, Barstool Sports took it over when the hosts signed a contract. It was a three-year contract in which the two women would make around $70,000 a year plus bonuses. Portnoy then claimes that with the bonuses, the two each made close to $500,000 during their first year with the company.

In attempts to bring the show back on the air, Portnoy was willing to renegotiate the hosts’ contracts. After not hearing anything for weeks, Portnoy told the duo “If you guys take Call Her Daddy and go somewhere else, we’re going to sue the f**k out of you. Like you’re under a three-year contract.”

Finally, Portnoy put together a deal that he felt was irresistible. “I cut them a deal that was so outrageously good in their favor, that I thought we’d get something done.”

The Deal – A  50/50 deal which included a $500,000 guarantee for each host, extra merchandise revenue and a contract shortened by six months. The deal would also give Franklyn and Cooper the intellectual property for Call Her Daddy after the contract expired.

Franklyn and Cooper did not take the deal. They went silent, according to Portnoy. However, Cooper finally came to her senses and realized it was a deal she could not pass up on. The only problem was, Franklyn was still out and according to Cooper, she was refusing to make a deal.

“I was starting to hear whispers, and [Cooper] confirmed it, and this is a big part of the story, [Franklyn’s] new boyfriend… Peter Nelson, HBO executive, probably greenlit a hit piece on me not too long ago, [came] into the mix not too long ago. He was the one who brought in all these lawyers.” Portnoy Explained.

Nelson, who is more commonly referred to as “Suit Man,” on Call Her Daddy, has been the reported “Master Mind” during this whole betrayal. He was the one who tried to ship the duo out. He was the one who called the lawyers in attempts to sue Barstool and he was the one who apparently even brought up the issue of gender inequality.

Portnoy has said that the 50/50 deal is now off the table, and is still waiting to hear back from Franklyn herself.

As for Cooper, there is a good chance she will sign a new contract with Barstool, and turn Call Her Daddy into a one women show.




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