Late Night Thoughts With Peter Snyder – Episode 5

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Episode 5 – Justice for George Floyd

Before I write tonights daily thought, I want to set out a disclaimer. I am in no way trying to push out my political views on anyone and in that same breath, I am expecting the comment section to mimic that same respect. This discussion is about human life and change.

It was Monday afternoon in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Police received a call from a local storekeeper who accused George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American male, of passing around counterfeit bills. Police arrived at the scene and put Floyd in handcuffs.

Initially, reports had serviced that Floyd had been resisting arrest which led to what I am about to tell you next. However, after watching the servalence video, it is clear to see that no restraint from Floyd was made.

Warning: What I am about to say may be hard for some people to here.

After Floyd “Resisted” arrest, police decided that they needed to take further action. In a video that I will link below, you can see a white police officer forcefully sticking his knee on the back of Floyd’s neck. During the exchange, you can here Floyd utter remarks such as “I can’t breath,” and “I am going to die.” The officer’s knee was on Floyd’s neck for a total of seven minutes. SEVEN, FUCKING MINUTES!

Floyd was then taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

This is where I have a problem with all of this. Even if Floyd HAD been resisting arrest, there is no way in hell that this officer needed to use so much force on the man. When you took him to the ground, he was in cuffs and had no chance to further defend himself. The fact that you took it upon yourself to stick your knee is the back of a defenceless mans neck, which lead to his eventual death, is absolutely sickening.

When I first watched this video, my heart broke into a million pieces. Hearing Floyd essentially beg for his life, while the officer shows no mercy is one of the most disheartening things that I have ever seen.

This needs to stop. We cannot continue this harsh, ugly pattern. People are losing their lives when they still have so much to life to live. Mothers are losing their sons and grandparents are losing their grandchildren.

I am a white male who does not know what it is like to grow up in this country as a black citizen. But I do know this. WE, as a nation, can not continue to live like this. something must be done.

I do not want to wake up, turn on the news and see that a black man was gunned down while jogging in Georgia. I do not want to see that an African American man, who politely asked a women to put a leash on her dog, got the cops called on him for “Threating the women’s life.” I do not want to see a video on social media that shows a white male, calling the cops on 3 black men for being in the wrong gym, even though they owned an office in the same building. And I CERTAINLY do not fucking want to see a white police officer stepping on the neck of a defenceless, George Floyd. I don’t care if you side with the left or the right. Racism in this country needs to stop.

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