Late Night Thoughts With Peter Snyder – Episode 11

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Episode 11 – Monsoon’d

There is rain, there are storms, and then there is whatever the hell we witnessed this afternoon. To set the scene for you guys, at around noontime today, I left my house to go pick up some lunch. As I stepped outside my humble abode, the sun was shining bright and it seemed as if it was playing out to be a beautiful day.

I arrived at my destination (Shout out to Pancheros,) picked up my burrito, and began to set sail back to home base. However, it was no longer sunny out. As my voyage home commenced, it seemed as if the sky became darker and darker. A once sunny day had quickly shifted into a gloomy afternoon.

I was about 5 minutes away from returning to my house before shit hit the fan. The skies opened up and unleashed on weary patrons stuck in their metal vehicles. There is an old saying that goes when it rains, it pours. In this case, however, it never rained…it poured from the jump. And I am not talking about your good old fashion, mammas pour. I am talking about some of the heaviest rain I have ever seen. Oh yea, and I forgot to mention. During all of this, winds that topped out at what I can only assume to be close to 100 MPH, smacked the rain, causing a full-on, midday monsoon.

I was stuck in the middle of all of this and the only way I can describe it to you guys is that it honestly felt like I was driving through an ocean. The waves continued to pile over my car and at points, I began to feel fearful for my life. So what’s the moral of the story here? Always, and I mean ALWAYS, check the weather channel before you leave your house. It may end up keeping you very dry one day.

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