Late Night Thoughts with Peter Snyder – Episode 15

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Episode 15 – A Day at the office

There are few things better in life than hitting the links with your buddies and playing 18. Today, on what was a picture Esque day, me and the boys partook in what was a memorable experience. See, two of my buddies have never played a round of golf before and were as lost as a newborn puppy. Seeing them try to navigate the course and make solid contact with the ball was hysterical.

My other friend Dave is somewhat of a novice golfer and actually has a pretty decent stroke. He did, however, take 3,000 mulligans today yet still managed to “Reach his target score.”

And then there is me. The Tiger Woods of amateurism. I am in no way trying to gloat, but at certain points during my round today, I felt as if I was dominating at Agusta. Every drive was being struck onto the fairway at 350 yards. My mid-range game was as pure as Jordan in his prime and my putting, oh my putting was as cool as the other side of the pillow. By rounds end, I had set the course record that was previously set by yours truly just one week ago. (Peter, shut the hell up and tell the people the truth.)

Okay okay, I will tell the truth. I had a mediocre round today. There, I said it.  My drives were shit, my midrange game was decent and my putts were as off as a 2 dollar bill. That is the beauty of the sport, however. Some days your on, and somedays you are so far off that you never want to pick up a club again. The great Gary Player once said, “The more I work and practice, the luckier I seem to get.”

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