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Baseball is back!  This is a phrase that frankly, I never thought I would hear again. But here we are, after countless and at times exhausting, negotiations with a plan in place to finally return play.

Earlier this evening, it revealed that the MLPA had agreed to a return to play policy that will see players report to camps by July 1 and play a 60-game season starting around July 24.

The final measure that had to be ironed out was an agreement on health and safety protocols, which came to concurrence later Tuesday night.

“All remaining issues have been resolved and Players are reporting to training camps,” said the union in a tweet Tuesday night.

Under the new imposed season, players will receive the full prorated share of their salaries — about 37% of their full-season salaries and around $1.5 billion total. The postseason will remain at 10 teams. Players will not receive forgiveness on the $170 million salary advance they received as part of the March agreement and will get no money from the postseason. – Per ESPN 

After months of debilitating and painful negotiations that at times seemed interminable, our nations past time is finally coming back to the world brightest stage.

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