Pete Snyder’s Top 5 Performers Of The Week – 2nd Edition

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Another week in the books which gives us yet another opportunity to expose Oklahoma for the frauds that they are.

5. Breece Hall – RB; Iowa State

Iowa State football: Breece Hall unstoppable in 37-30 upset of No. 16  Oklahoma

There are running backs, there are warriors, and then there is Breece Hall. Hall, a native of Wichita, Kansas, put on a show for the ages during Iowa States upset win Saturday night against Oklahoma.

As I said on my podcast Friday afternoon, Hall is a downhill speedster who must be contained at the line of scrimmage, because once he gets even a sliver of open space, it is game over. By the end of a wild night in Ames, Hall had managed to run for a total of 139 yards on 28 carries, to go along with 2 rushing TDs. Now mind you, Hall put on this type of performance with a bum left ankle, and had to plea his case to even enter the ball game during the second half. It is also worth noting that this is Hall’s 3rd straight 100 yard rushing performance and Breece already surpassed 5 rushing TDs on the year. If you are not buying the Breece Hall hype yet, then you must be Iowa fan.

4. Matt Corral – QB; Ole Miss

Injury Update For Ole Miss Quarterback Matt Corral

We now move on to perhaps, my favorite performance of the week. Matt Corral, a Sophomore QB out of Ventura, California, is a bonified stud.

On Saturday afternoon, Corral led his Ole Miss rebels into Lexington Kentucky for a Saturday Swaree. Ole Miss found themselves playing from behind for most of the game, but Corral would not see losing as an option. I mean, we are talking about a guy who went on the road, and completed 24 out of 29 passing attempts. That it gutsy if I’ve ever heard of it. Additionally, Corral threw for 320 yards, connected on 4 TD passes, rushed for 51 (important) yards, and led his team to a game winning TD in OT.

What I saw from Corral on Saturday afternoon was something you would see out of a 5th year senior leader, not a inexperienced Sophomore who is being handed the offensive controls for the first time this season. Corral is a special talent who often times get’s thrown in the showdown by the belly of the SEC.

3. Khalil Herbert – RB; Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech football runs over Duke behind Khalil Herbert's big night for  first 2020 road win | Virginia Tech |

We now make our to the ACC as the Hokies of Virginia Tech are host to the best RB you’ve never heard of.

Khalil Herbert, a senior out of Fort Lauderdale, is what I like to call a “Don’t Judge a book by It’s Cover back.” Standing in at just 5 feet, 9 inches tall, some may think that Herbert is undersized to be division one caliber RB. However, if you were to watch just one second of Herbert’s film, you would know that he plays more physically then 90 percent of the 6 foot backs across the nation.

On Saturday, Herbert went into the heart of Durham and put his talent on full display; rushing for 208 yards on 20 touches to go along with 2 TDs. It didn’t matter what scheme Ben Albert (Duke’s DC) threw at Herbert, Duke’s defense had no answer for the explosive Floridian all night long.

Herbert does not get nearly enough of the recognition that he deserves, so I am hopeful that a performance like this, will start to put him on the map.

2. Reggie Roberson JR. – WR; SMU

PONNY UP! You wanna talk about an exhausting win for the SMU Mustangs on Saturday afternoon. This is a team that punched Memphis in the mouth right out of the gates and during the early stages of this contest, it seemed as if we were on our way to a blowout of epic proportions. However, after some sloppy play and crucial turnovers, SMU was forced to sweat this one out and come away with a much needed 3 point victory.

A big reason as to why SMU was able to command the game early, was due to the explosive play of Reggie Roberson Jr. Roberson, a Senior WR out of Desoto, Texas, is about as explosive of a playmaker as you are going to find west of the Mississippi. During the first 3 quarters of Saturdays game, Roberson found himself putting together a performance for the ages, racking up 243 yards on just 5 receptions to go along with 2 TDs. If you do some quick math, you can equate that Roberson averaged 48.6 yards per reception. I don’t know about ya’ll, but that is one of the most absurd stats I have ever heard.

Unfortunately, Roberson had to exit the game early, after sustaining a knee injury during one of his prodigious receptions. I am not going to sit here and say that Roberson would have surpassed 300 receiving yards if he would have been able to stay in the game but…..actually scratch that; that is exactly what I am saying.

1. Mac Jones – QB: Alabama

Mac Jones is going to win the Heisman trophy. You heard it here first folks. Write it down, take a picture, do what ever you so please with that information, but I am officially saying it today, we have our Heisman winner.

Mac Jones - Football - University of Alabama Athletics

So why am I making such a bold claim so early in the season? Well for starters you have to look at the system that Jones is being surrounded by. Mac has the luxury of throwing to best receiving core in the nation that is made up of Jaylen Waddle, John Metchie III and DeVonta Smith. Even if Jones wasn’t an exceptional talent, he would be able to acquire quite the impressive stat sheet, because that WR core is going to produce no matter who is throwing to them.

Another reason why I believe that Mac Jones is going to win the Heisman is because the guy is playing at a level that I have not seen at Alabama in a long freaking time. And they just had Tua Tagovailoa. And I understand it’s early in the season. But what I saw from Jones yesterday, against a really solid Texas A&M defense, was nothing short of pure bliss. 20-27, 435 passing yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT. And he did that against a top 5 defense in the country in my opinion. That is SILLY. If you have not yet hopped on the Mac Jones bandwagon, I suggest you do soon, because it has already left the station and his making a B line to Heismanville USA.

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