The Bachelor Power Rankings – Week 6

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I missed a week, but we are back on the grind ya’ll.

5. Serena P

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The canadian cracks our top 5, but I gotta be honest, we are seeing less and less of our girl since her romantic kiss that featured a goat and the ferocious overuse of the word “Buddy.”

I like Serena P, I do. I think she’s fun, corky and does not take too many things to heart. But I also have my doubts as to if she is someone who is ready to get married.

As we all are very aware, the point of this show is for the Bachelor/Bachelorette to leave their season with a signifiant over. If you are someone who is not willing to open your heart up, you will simply not find success on this show. And while I would love for Serena P to open her heart and find that love, I just don’t see her as being that girl. Sorrey.

4. Temecula Road??

Image result for temacula road

I’ll admit it. During the end of Piper and Matts one on one date, I was in shock to see my favorite country trio perform, Temecula Road…..SAID NO ONE EVER! Listen man, I get it. Booking a musical guest during a pandemic may not be the easiest thing. And you have to give these guys a lot of credit for going through quarentine just to get a total of 90 seconds of air time. But like….could we not find anybody better than a z list band? I have never, and I mean never heard of Temecula road. Were they just some made up group that the Bachelor picked up off the street? You could have given me Mason Ramey and I would have been satisfied. But Temecula Road?? What are we doing here.

3. Piper

Image result for piper from bachelor

Biiiig time one on one date out of Piper tonight. And I don’t want to say that I told you so about Piper being a dark horse, but I totally told you so! You could see it from a mile away that Matt and Piper had a spark that few other women in the house had. Last week, we saw them literally, make out during a group date and this week, we saw them get hot a steamy on a ferris wheel. Their relationship reminds me of my dating life in high school. Young, free and spontaneous.

The only red flag that comes up when talking about the graduate student from Oregon is that it is clear that Piper has some commitment issues. And I mean who doesn’t, but when you go on a show like this, you gotta be allll in which is sometimes easier said than done.

2. Abigail

Image result for Abigail Bachelor

Although Abigail bowled a gutter ball when her team needed her the most, she is still one of my favorite people to ever enter this show. And the fact that she has not yet gotten a one on one date, especially after getting the coveted first impression rose is a disservice to the game itself. But I’m telling you what man, Abigail may be hanging on by a thread, but I can not and will not stop fighting for her. Give this girl a one on one date Matt and I promise you that she is going to steal your heart.

PS: Did you see how cute Abigail looked in her bowling shirt?? Okay Maybe I am crushing a little bit, sue me.

1. Heather Martin

Image result for heather martin

The hottest take of the season comes right here by giving Heather Martin the top spot during this weeks edition of our power rankings. But to be truthful with you all, this was a no brainer for me. For starters, Heather Martin is one of the most beautiful girls to ever enter the Bachelor franchise. She is the type of girl who could walk in any room and instantly be the center of attention. Secondly, Heather is best friends with arguably, the most popular Bachelorette of all time, Hannah Brown. And it just so happens to be that Matt Brown and Hannah built quite the friendship and even lived together during the beginning stages of quarantine. Bonus points…bonus points.

Finally, you have to give Heather a lot of credit for having the courage and guts to come on this show, midway through the season with a completely blind eye and reckless abandon for everyone else’s feelings in the house. You have to understand that there are certain women in this house who have already told Matt that they are falling in love with him. And here she comes, with her gorgeous blue eyes and long blonde hair, getting ready to fuck things up. Talk about a bachelor producers dream.

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