Start Spreading the News; This Team Stinks By: Noah Gugliotta

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5-10 start, Beyond Parody

The New York Yankees STINK. For some reason, I think describing teams that are playing like crap deserves the right adjective based on their struggles. Stink for me cuts much deeper in most scenarios. Sucks is great but I want to cut as deep as possible because these Yankees are playing a bad brand of baseball right now. Yankees fans are in one of two camps right now. Either you are scorched earth looking to bash heads in or Big Lebowski-type calm.

Neither one is a great attitude to have I guess, but being angry as hell and not going to take it is not the wrong emotion to have. As fans, it is ok to be angry. Do not throw balls onto the field like Friday night’s game where the Yanks got crushed by the Rays. Boo the Yankees when they have three errors in a game and can’t score runs to save their lives. I am beyond frustrated. I power up the Panasonic television at my house, get a nice crisp glass of water and watch this team fall apart. 

About a week ago I watched Aaron Hicks and Rougned Odor laughing in the dugout during a game where the Yankees were losing by multiple runs in the latter part of the game. I am not sure what was so funny but it wasn’t a great look. I am sure these guys care, but moments like that frustrate me to no end. 

I actually went to the Yankee game in the Bronx on Friday for the 8-2 loss against the Rays. Tampa Bay is New York’s kryptonite. Before this series, the Rays lost three out of four against the Texas Rangers. The Yankees had an off day Thursday and on Friday for the series opener, they played their worst game of the season. They scored 2 runs on a garbage time homer by Giancarlo Stanton. Three hits, that was what the offense had to show. Aaron Hicks batted in the sixth spot and did nothing. The rest of the weekend he was in the third spot and had one hit. What the heck are we doing. I don’t think Aaron Boone is making these decisions, but it doesn’t even matter. Brian Cashman, whoever you have doing analytics and making final baseball decisions doesn’t seem to be coming through.

Clint Frazier, who is completely lost at the plate and in left field for that matter, said that Boone addressed the team angrily after the loss to the Rays Friday night. FINALLY! It feels like every post-game interview with Boone is la-dee freaking da. I want to see Boone get angry and set high expectations for this time. NO MORE EXCUSES. 

Also, I am starting to get tired of the ridiculous comparisons to other seasons, especially in a positive connotation. “The last time the Yankees went 5-8 was 2019 and they ended up with a record of 103-59. Who cares now their 5-10 what have you got to say now? I just hope that the Yankees have a 15-17 record 32 games in. Why you might ask? Well in 2009 that is how the Yankees started the season and that is the last time they were champions of the world. I’m using sarcasm here by the way… SARCASM.

I guess I am just cranky and tired of everyone. I need to find my zen. These two games coming up against the Atlanta Braves are massive. Jameson Taillon and Corey Kluber are making starts and they need to be on and popping. The team has another off-day Monday and it would be nice if the Bronx Bombers got some things going for this quick two games against the Braves. I am hopeful that this past weekend against the Rays was rock bottom, but this team could continue to spiral. 

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