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Image By: Michigan State Football.

In a week that featured a Heisman like performance and a record-breaking day, we look back at the top five performances from around the nation.

Honorable Mention – First Name, Last Name

5. Felix Anudike-Uzomah – DE; Kansas State


If you have been following along from week one, you would know that my top five performers are made up of mostly offensive talents. Because let’s be honest here, sex sells and a running back going for 200 is much more attractive than a DE making 10 tackles. Having said that, every once in a while you will get a defensive performance, such as the one we saw from Anudike-Uzomah on Saturday, that can not go unnoticed.

It was a sunny day in Manhattan, Kansas. And as Gary Patterson and the TCU Horned Frogs made their way into Bill Snyder Family Stadium, the goal was to come away with a hard-earned conference victory. That goal was not met.

In what can only be described as one of the most dominant defensive days in Big 12 football history, Sophomore DE, Felix Anudike-Uzomah made the moment his, collecting eight tackles to go along with two forced fumbles and six sacks, tying the NCAA DI mark for the most sacks in a game. And yes, I understand that the NCAA is technically not rewarding Anudike-Uzomah credit for his final two sacks, due to the fact that after the ball went ajar, it went past the line of scrimmage, but on this platform, we are giving him all 6! Why? Because who doesn’t like seeing history being made.

4. Sam Hartman – QB; Wake Forest


Heeees Baaaack. Sam Hartman and the Wake Forest Demon Deacon’s may be my favorite story of the 2021 CFB season. After Saturday’s dominating 45-7 win against Duke, the Deacs moved to 8-0 for the first time in program history and have a serious shot of cracking the top 10 come Tuesday nights inaugural edition of the 2021 CFP rankings. Who would’ve thought?

And make no mistake about it; WF is having a magical year due in major part to the fact that sophomore QB, Sam Hartman is in the midst of a Heisman caliber season. The 22-year old NC native who grew up with a passion for football and fishing, finds himself in the top 10 nationally in both passing yards, TD passes and QBR, in which he actually ranks third with an 88.2. I say once again, who would’ve thought.

Now, of course, it would be selfish of me to talk about how good Hartman and his Demon Deacon’s looked on Saturday afternoon, without disclosing to you any of the statistics. So here you go. In route to a 45-7 blowout victory, Hartman looked about as dominant as Muhammad Ali on fight night, going 24-37 to go along with 402 yards passing, 3 passing TDs as well as 2 more tuddies on the ground. And if you are keeping score at home, that marks 11 total TDs for the Sophomore slinger in just the last two weeks. Hartman better book that plane ticket to NYC now.

3. Caleb Williams – QB; Oklahoma


Pressure. It is a word that has followed Caleb Williams ever since he stepped onto the field during one of nations biggest rivalry games. At just 19 years old, Williams should not have to face the pressures that are put on him on a weekly basis. The true freshman from our nations capital is not yet old enough to order a drink, but is asked to be the leader of one of college footballs most lucrative enterprises, and captains a ship that is watched under a microscope by millions of people around the country. What were you doing at 19 years old?

Now, it can be said that there are two types of people in this world. The one’s who crack under pressure and the ones who rise. There really isn’t an in between. And on Saturday afternoon, Caleb Williams took that pressure, put it in his back pocket, did a dance on it and ate it for lunch.

And as the Sooners walked off the field Saturday afternoon, victors over the Texas Tech Red Raiders by the score of 52-21, Williams had done what few other Sooner TF had ever accomplished before, setting the school record for most TD passes by a true freshman with 6 as well as the most passing yards by a true freshman in a half with 268 (Finished with 402.) The legend of Caleb Williams lives on for yet another week.

2. Kenneth Walker III – RB; Michigan State


It is a rivalry that dates back to 1898. The battle for the Paul Bunyan Governor of Michigan Trophy is a tradition that stands still. It a game made up of bad blood and bragging rights. When the bullies from Ann Arbor meet their “Little brothers” from East Lansing, things become personal…fast. This year did not disappoint.

It was as if you were watching a title fight. Two boxers going blow for blow, either willing to give in. In what was the first matchup since the 1960’s, in which Michigan and Michigan State met as top 10 teams, fans were treated to one of the greatest games in the rivalries, decorated history.

“Helllloooo New York!” These were the words that could be heard around valleys far and wide as Gus Johnson called Kenneth Walkers 5th rushing TD of the day. Walker, who was a mere shadow at Wake Forest just a year ago, was now on college footballs biggest stage, shining amongst the brightest lights.

As the clock hit zero, the Spartans retained the PBGOM trophy for the second straight year, winning by a score of 37-33. Walker, who rushed for 197 yards to go along with 5 TDs, cemented himself as not only a participant in the Heisman race, but a favorite. Sometimes, it pays to be the little brother.

1. Tyler Allgeier – RB; BYU


It was a game that ended at nearly 3 in the morning on the east coast, but was worth every minute of the morning hangover. What transpired during Saturday nights matchup between the Virginia Cavaliers and the BYU Cougars can only be described as pure chaos. 115 combined points, 1,322 total yards, 601combined rushing yards, 63 total first downs….madness. And the craziest thing about all of this is that nothing I just mentioned to you was the most impressive part of Saturdays slugfest.

There are good days, there are great days and then there is whatever the hell cougar RB Tyler Allgeier was able to accomplish on Saturday night. Allgeier, who had surpassed the 100 yard mark just three times this season coming into this matchup, must of found a third gear, as he rushed for 266 yards on 29 carries to go along with 5 rushing TDs.

And who knows, maybe it was the fact that this game ended in the middle of halloween night, but nothing about this game made sense. But hey, that’s college football in a nutshell. Where the unexpected becomes the norm.

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