Pete Snyder’s Top 5 Performers of The Week – W11

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Image By: Mississippi State Football

Rain, sleet and even some snow. Week 11 of the CFB season had it all, but that didn’t stop these performers from making their marks.

Honorable Mention – Hail Mary’s

God bless college football.

5. Jonathan Garibay – K; Texas Tech


On the week of welcoming in Joey McGuire as the next HC of Texas Tech football, kicker Jonathan Garibay took it upon himself to one-up coach, nailing a game-winning, 62-yard field goal as time expired on the clock. #Kickersarepeopletoo

Admittedly, this will most likely be the only time a kicker, punter or any player on special teams gets mentioned on this list. Having said that, there was just no way I was leaving a moment that had my jaw glued to the floor, out.

4. Rachaad White – RB; Arizona State


As I alluded to at the top of this weeks column, mother nature was none too kind to week 11 of the CFB season. It started on Thursday night with a monsoon in Pittsburg, continued on Saturday afternoon with snow flurries in Happy Valley and concluded with freezing rain in Seattle. To some, this sounds like miserable conditions which provides an opportunity to stay indoors and put on your comfiest socks. To others, however, this is what we like to call, “Football weather.” These are the types of weekends where the men begin to get separated from the boys.

One of the men who immediately separated himself from the pile on Saturday night was RB, Rachaad White. White, a senior from Kansas City, Missouri is no stranger to playing in the freezing rain, even if it hasn’t been since high school. And as the game progressed, it seemed as if White took it upon himself to show his sun-kissed teammate’s that nights like these are where you earn your stripes. By night end, White had gathered 184 yards to go along with 2 rushing scores and 53 receiving yards, which led the team. There is tough, and then there is Rachaad White tough.

3. Ohio State’s Offense


Coming into Saturday afternoon’s contest at the Horse Shoe, the Ohio State Buckeyes had been winners of their last 27 conference games. And while it may have seemed logical to see an upset looming on the horizon, seeing how OSU had looked lacklustre against Nebraska the week prior, or because their opponent had already beaten two top-five ranked programs this season, but if we are being honest with ourselves, this game was over before the ball had even left the air.

I don’t know how Ryan Day does it, but it seems as if with each game he coaches, he becomes a stronger and more skill minded play-caller. I have watched a ton of Ohio State football games in my life, and I can’t remember a time in which the Buckeye offense clicked on as many cylinders as they did on Saturday. And that is saying something because OSU has had some of the best offenses this game has ever seen.

So just HOW good was the Buckeyes offensive attack on Saturday you may be wondering? How does scoring a TD on your first 6 offensive possessions sound? Or putting up 59 points on 624 yards of total offense. Yea, I would say that ain’t too shabby.

2. Bryce Young – QB; Alabama


Before you keyboard warriors even start, let me take a second to explain. I don’t care who Alabama played this week. It could have been Georgia or the sisterhood of the travelling pants, after putting up an absolute snoozer a week ago against a brutal LSU team, the Crimson Tide needed to respond, and do so in a big way.

There is a saying that goes, “Desperate time’s call for desperate measure’s, in Tuscollusa they say “Stagnant times call for us to turn to our Heisman QB.” And again, I understand that what Young accomplishes on Saturday was against Roast Beef Tech, but it was still wildly impressive never the less.

En route to a 59-3 blowout win, Young continued to solidify himself as the favorite in the Heisman race, going 21-23 to go along with 270 yards and 5 passing TDs. Additionally, Young became the first QB in school history to complete his first 13 passing attempts of the game and improved his overall QBR to an 86.9. Can you say hello Heisman????

1. Will Rodgers/The Air Raid – Mississippi State


It was the second quarter at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Bo Nix had just found Kobe Hudson in the endzone for his second passing TD of the game. The scoreboard now read Auburn 28…..Mississippi State 3. For all intents and purposes, the Tiger faithful should have headed back to their tailgates at halftime to start the celebration early. This puppy was all but over….or was it?

It can be argued that Mike Leach created the air raid offense for a multitude of reasons, but in opinion, the air raid was born for moments like these. Quick hitting drives that allow you to score swiftly and get back into games that otherwise, wouldn’t be possible with a normal paced attack.

So as I began to see QB, Will Rodgers light it up in the second half, it was as if Mary Shelly’s creation was coming to life right in front of my eyes (I hope you all understand that reference.) The 28-3 lead for Auburn quickly shrunk into a 23-28 barn burner and before you knew it, became a 43-34 defeat. All hail the air raid!

If you were to glance at Will Rodger’s stat line after this heroic win, it is hard not to sit back and be anammored by the brilliance of the air raid. See, you have to understand that when you are Mike Leach’s starting, QB he is telling you every day that there will not be a QB in the country who throws the ball more than you or has more passing yards than you. So when you see a final stat sheet that reads 44-55, 415 passing yards, 6 TDs, it is hard not to buy what he is selling.

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