Pete Snyder’s Top Five Atmosphere’s of The Week – W12

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Image By: Utah Athletic’s

For the first time this season, we will be introducing three FCS atmosphere’s which has been frankly, long overdue. #FCSmatterstoo

Honorable Mention – Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium

The first sell out under coach prime certainly, did not disappoint!

5. Yale Bowl


Image By: Yale University

In what was the 137th playing of THE GAME, fans from across the New England landscape gathered for one of our sports greatest traditions.

4. Wrigley Field


Image By: Matt Zahn

It’s college football on one of baseball’s most sacred grounds. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

3. Bryant-Denny Stadium


Image By: Michael Casagrande

If an alien landed on earth and asked me how to describe the sights and sounds of college football, the first thing I would instruct them to do is to watch a game at Bryant-Denny.

2. Washington-Grizzly Stadium


Image By: @To1

I’m gonna let the images and video’s speak for themselves here, but I never knew I needed to put Missoula, Montana on my bucket list before Saturday afternoon.

1. Rice-Eccles Stadium


Image By: Rice-Eccles Stadium

It was duck hunting season on Saturday night in Salt Lake City.

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